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Hello everyone…

I hope you have been enjoying the Well- Being posts that I have decided to introduce to the blog, as a way to get tips and ideas on how to better yourself, how to grow and and improve yourself on a whole, as a person. This blog post is one on self improvement, because lets be honest, lol, we ALL have aspects of ourselves we would love to improve, and grow. Right?


After thinking about it for a bit, and doing some research on it, I have come up with 4 tips on self improvement. There are OBVIOUSLY LOTS MORE, however these are the ones I could relate to the most. I can provide more tips in future blog posts, you will just have to let me know 🙂


“Inspire the change you want to see in yourself…”


Self Improvement


TIP 1:


Now this one resonates with me because I love to read, yet sometimes it’s just difficult to find the time especially after a long work day, coming home to cook and do other home duties, and then having busy weekends too…. (shew, even THINKING about that, and I felt a headache coming on, lol). The thing is though- you must MAKE TIME to read. Not try, attempt, MAKE TIME. Books impart a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Not only do they broaden your thinking process, this also enriches your growth. Reading exposes you to the world, this is a GREAT way to improve on yourself. Through reading you are ALSO exposed to self improvement books, for examples Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. So, READ! 🙂



TIP 2:



Now lets be honest here, being comfortable is the enemy of improvement. How do you even WANT to improve on yourself when you are “comfortable” where you are? Being comfortable BREEDS complacency. In ANY part of your life. Work, Family, Relationships, anything. Challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone and doing things differently. Work hard, SWEAT, Push!



TIP 3:


Now this one may be a difficult one, however, it is necessary for growth. No one, is perfect. Not YOU, not ME. Acknowledging your flaws, means you spot them and you understand them, you take them in, accept them and you should WANT to change them. It makes you stronger, fearless.



TIP 4:



Inspiration a lot of the time comes from your environment, what you seeing happening around you. This plays a big part in cultivating good thoughts, great ideas!! One of my favourite things to do is blog and recently I have been enjoying filming as well for my Youtube Channel with my sister- Beauty Corner_SA, so an inspirational beauty/filming room has been set aside in the house, devoted entirely to our blogging, filming, product shots etc. Let me know if you would like to see a video/blogpost of my setup and what it looks like. 🙂 I love it because just walking into the room makes me smile and gets my mind buzzing with ideas. On my desk I always have the book I’m reading, some of my favourite makeup brushes/products and my travel journals etc. All the things I love. Its white, clean and crisp- A reflection of what I like, and it shows in my blog photos especially on my blog Instagram page which you can find here.  An inspirational space, encourages growth and the flow of ideas…

Blogger 14


Blogger 15



Thats it for this Well being post,


Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤


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