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Hello! 🙂


I love reading other bloggers’ “Taking Stock” posts and thought to myself, I’ve never done one of these, and honestly, I wanted to. Something about the “Taking Stock” posts makes you more in tune with yourself, figuring out what to do next, where to go next, is definitely worth doing. A little introspection of sorts…. I think this blog post is one I will do many more times to come. 🙂


Making: Time to surround myself with good people. People who inspire me, bring out the best in me.

Cooking: Up ideas on how to grow my blog, as I write this post.

Drinking: Camomile Tea, my “relax me” cup of tea.

Reading: “A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara. 720 pages is not an easy read, especially with a book that forces you to stop and take long breaths, and walk away from it from time to time.

Wanting: To have a positive impact, to be remembered for my positive nature.

Looking: Forward to my trip this weekend. Relaxation, away from the city for a while.

Playing: Beyonce’s “Sorry”. On repeat, in my head. 24/7

Wasting: Too much time being afraid of taking the big leap.

Wishing: To overcome the fear, of not wanting to take the big step, that could possibly change my life, everything.

Enjoying: My cup of tea. The little things…

Waiting: for the big moment, my big break.

Liking: My new boots… can’t wait til it’s cold enough to wear them! 🙂

Wondering: If I will ever see my mother again….

Loving: Learning more about myself. Each and every day.

Hoping: That this space “Gentleorchid” is a positive place, where anyone can go and feel a sense of joy, or happiness, no matter how small it may be.

Needing: To buy new heaters. This Winter is going to be an angry one.

Smelling: The perfume I have one Zara “Black”.

Wearing: Jeans, Sweater, and house slippers.

Knowing: That everything that is meant to be, will be. Everything works out in the end, and that we are to follow the path that God has laid out for us.

Thinking: Of changing my hair colour… Well, my WEAVE hair colour! I will never dye my hair again! lol, did it once, and lost so much hair I vowed no more. ! Also thinking of introducing more personal topics to my blog, still thinking of this one though.

Feeling: Blessed, Content, Happy.

Opening: Myself up, through this post, something I don’t usually do on my blog.

Giggling: at the conversation happening in my family whatsapp family group chat.

Feeling: Happy. Just happy. Right here, and right now, I’m just happy. 🙂

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Thank you guys so much! To all of my blogger friends, all the people who take the time out to read my blog, I appreciate you ALL, and want to continue doing this for you guys. My blog has grown, and it’s all thanks to you. Showing you much love, and appreciation 🙂


Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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6 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK (1)

    1. Definitely you should doll! I used to read them on some of the bloggers I subscribe to, and thought, why not do my own! Thanks Hun! Looking forward to reading yours😘


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