The Food Cafe – April Edition



Good Food


Hey guys!! 🙂


So I know that it has been a MINUTE since the last food cafe blog post, and that is only because if you check on my blog on the home page, I have removed the Food Cafe tag as I noticed that I am changing the direction of my blog to focus more on lifestyle, beauty and travel. Even with that said, who doesn’t love good food??? I know I do!!! So from time to time, I will do a Food Cafe blog post, but it just won’t be a regular part of the themed posts on my blog anymore. 😦 Let me know if you still want them and maybe I can ensure I make one every two months or so!


However, this month I did have some good food, and I thought I should share that 🙂




April 2


So one afternoon, I headed out with my family (girls afternoon out), and we popped into Grand Central (click on word for website), and I had one of the best tasting Pasta dishes I had had in the longest time! Now, pasta for me is a weakness that I just cannot describe! 😦 I love it, and I know its not the healthiest food type to have either! Either way, I went for it that afternoon as I hadn’t eaten all morning! Man, I was ELATED with my choice! Nom nom, the mouth watering dish, delivered! I was a happy girl! This was the “Chicken Mascarpone” pasta, and thats all I’m saying… Has the combination of chicken and cheese EVER disappointed?? Be honest to yourself, you KNOW that answer!



April 3


This dish we have a love affair with at home. I’m sure this is not the first cheese board I have shown on my blog which was prepared at home, but again this month we indulged and GORGED at the cheese board with fruits! We love cheese, with grapes, strawberries, the whole she-bang! The grin on my face when I was taking this shot! LOL!


April 1


I always talk about Life Grand Cafe in a lot of my Food Cafe blog posts, and this one is no different. On this morning I was at the Life in Hyde Park JHB, after having gone to a meeting and decided to have this mouth-watering french toast with bacon slices and syrup! 🙂 Even the thought of it now, is driving me into a slight food coma I tell you! LOL! However it happened to be one of the best French Toast meals I’ve had at a restaurant….! I couldn’t finish it though, but the attempt and appreciation for the food was there! lol This was sooo delicious!



April 7

So we love to meet up on Friday’s after work with my family members if we not busy, we all call one another and decide where to meet for a light dinner and glass or two of wine (I happen to have a very liberal minded dad who doesn’t mind me having a glass or two of wine with him, but as always, he never fails to add “…but don’t go crazy…” lol ) I normally prefer red, but on this day I was having a seafood pasta at Mytho’s and decided to go with the “Petit” White Chenin Blanc, which never disappoints.

April 8

Dad had the lamb chops and a salad…

April 6

…while most of the table decided to go with this heavenly meal. The “Garida Linguine” which was, as always, delicious!


That is is for this edition of The Food Cafe, will definitely let you know when the next one is going to happen, so don’t forget to follow my Twitter, and my Blog Instagram Pages, where you will also see more of what I eat when I’m out and about!





Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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