Visiting The Palace| TRAVEL DIARIES

Quick “Shot Left” To The Palace ❤




Hello Everyone,


Time for another #TravelDiaries post, its been a long time coming, so this trip came at the perfect time! Hahaha! Be sure to look out for another one as I’ll be travelling again in the next two weeks 🙂


This trip was a quick family weekend getaway to The Palace of the Lost City, located inside Sun City in the North West of South Africa (this is for all my Non- South African blog readers! 🙂 ) This place has always been a “haven” for our family, a place where we could all go on a quick trip after work on a friday and return on the Sunday… I wasn’t feeling that well, I was suffering from a bad flu, hence the sweater in the hot weather, hahaha, I was legit cold that day! Anyhoo, the place is absolutely stunning AND NEVER fails to disappoint. I took some snaps of the beauty of the hotel.




The place is nothing short of MAGICAL and holds such a royal and classy appeal to any visitor to The Palace. Top notch finishings and decorations provide the perfect setting to make you feel like royalty.




The place is beautiful. High ceilings, marble EVERYYTHING, porcelain tiling, gold trimmings everywhere… Its majestic indeed.


We did not get the chance to do much as it was only a weekend, but the following day we did LOTS of walking around, and of course SPA treatments for the ladies in our family 🙂 Me included! Sick or not, I was HAVING that massage! LOL!!


My Sister- The Other Half of BeautyCornerSA





Lots of images were taken and I’m thinking of splitting this blog post into two…. Please let me know If you would like to see more images 🙂


I will leave that here for this edition. It was a short trip, one meant to just relax and spend some time with the people I love ❤ It was a great trip, If you would like to see more images, maybe of the inside of the hotel, accomodation, of our SPA treatments and trip and more, please let me know 🙂 I wouldn’t mind doing another one.


Have you been to Sun City? If so, what was your experience of the place? Please let me know…

The next travel diaries post will be coming up in the next 2 weeks or so 🙂

Until the next one, Happy Travels! 🙂


Live in Light and Love ❤


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7 thoughts on “Visiting The Palace| TRAVEL DIARIES

    1. Hey Lungi, Absolutely agree with you, its’s just one of those iconic places in SA that everyone should visit if they can. Many famous people have stayed there, Michael Jackson being a big lover of the place. The next trip will definitely be up on the blog soon. I leave next friday 🙂


  1. I also haven’t been to sun city. sadly enough but I think I might take a short left before the year ends. yes to more pics and I’m glad I bumped into your blog katli. I especially love your posts about books because I’m an avid reader and beauty too. keep up the good work girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kgomotso!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂 There is another post on The Palace trip coming up this week, so be sure to look out for it! Thanks a lot doll! ❤ Will be sure to check out yours too!!


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