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This is for the Beauty Lovers!


I know that it’s been a while since I did a beauty related post, so I figured I should just do a post on some of the recent products I have purchased. I love my makeup, as I am sure you are aware, but I’m trying to stay away from buying certain kinds of makeup, because the obsession might be getting out of hand (if I do say so miyself, lol). Like the title says, this is a beauty “haul” so I haven’t used some of the products, however the one’s I haven’t used I will review at a later stage.


Even with that said, like every other woman who loves retail therapy about there, I still struggle to say “No” when it comes to the purchases. LOL!


Lets have a look at some of the things I purchased shall we?


Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipsticks


I got these two lipsticks in the shades “Plum and Base” (left) and “All That She Wants” (right). I love these colours, and thought they would be PERFECT for an everyday lip in the winter and autumn time. I haven’t used them as yet, but will give a full on beauty review with swatches once I have. 🙂 They can be found at Dischem Pharmacies and retail for R89.95. If you are a lover of matte lipstick, this one would be a great one for you.


Clarins EyeBrow Pencil



So I recently came across the Clarins Eye Brow Pencil when I was at the clarins counter the other day re-purchasing  some of my skincare items. I saw this pencil and was really tempted to buy it after seeing how smoothly and effectively it swatched on my hand. Also, its sooo crucial for me to find an eye brow pencil that actually has a spooly on the other end! When using my Spiked brow pencil, I always have to look for my spooly, which I don’t find most times. So this, for me was like the best of both worlds, and wanted to try it out. It retails for about R255 at any Clarins counter.


Clarins Mutli-Active Day (Early Wrinkle Correction Cream)



Now, THIS was the actual reason I was at the Clarins counter. I wanted an early wrinkle correction cream, because I started noticing the fine lines developing underneath my eyes, and on my smile lines, also along my forehead. Small, but nevertheless, they are there. Currently there is nothing in my regimen that corrects early signs of lines, wrinkles on my face, and I googled this product and checked out the reviews and thought that it would be a great idea to go ahead and give it a try. Reviews say that it is great for hydration and support structure- meaning great for early signs of wrinkles and good to use in the winter months too! Will do a proper review after using it for a month or so.

It retails for about R630.


Bobbi Brown Lip Color


I also purchased a new Lip Colour from the Bobbi Brown for the Winter in “36” “Slopes. It is described as a “Flushed Red” however on my lips it loooks more brown than red, and I love playing around with it- mixing it with a Pink lipliner to make it more “mauve”, or a brown lipliner to make it slightly darker. It is soft and incredbly smooth to apply to the lips!! 🙂

This retails for about R315.


That’s it for this beauty haul, the rest of the items bought were just re-purchases of cosmetics and such.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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