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Tell me you have been at that place… What you feel like everything around you just doesn’t seem to be going smoothly. You’re not happy, you feel tired groggy sometimes. Or maybe you feel like there are points where it all gets too much,  like you don’t have answers to the questions you want answered about your life, that it depresses you and puts a big halt on your life. Tell me I’m not the only one who has experienced this? Right?


About a year ago I decided to focus on ME and doing what makes ME happy, and focusing on all the GOOD in my life, and choosing THAT over the bad. I make conscious decisions on a DAILY basis about who I want in my life, what I will tolerate, and what I wont. What I want and what I don’t. So I figured now would be a good time, to talk about great Life detox tips!


“A healthy outside, starts from the inside…”

Robert Urich



TIP 1:




Detox your habits. Think about all the things that you do, A LOT, but then feel regret for doing them at a later stage. We all have that one thing. Drinking every night and arriving hungover for work the next morning, partying every weekend, and finding yourself too tired to make it through the next week, gossiping (lol, some people are addicted to this!). DROP IT! DROP THIS HABIT. 

How is it serving you? How does it make you feel better about yourself, your life? How does spending money every weekend on alcohol help you? Or your finances? DROP IT, let it go and give time to yourself  and do what you want to do, what will help you for the BETTER, but you have to WANT to do it.

TIP 2:



Everyone knows that its not healthy to harbor negative thoughts in your head.

Negative thoughts, breed negative actions. They are honestly just toxic. Basically the truth is, you are who you THINK you are. Therefore the negative thoughts will only breed bad vibes around you and your space. So let go of the negative thoughts, and make the conscious decisions to think positive! It WILL eventually change your outlook and make you feel worlds better!

TIP 3:




Now THIS one is going to be a difficult one for EVERYONE… When I say detox, I’m putting a HUGE emphasis because I don’t mean leave social networks COMPLETELY, but I do mean that it is often wise for you to UNPLUG from the social media for a while (tall order I know, lol!), however it helps. Social Media, is a HUGE part of your social life isn’t it? That’s why its one of the things I thought about the most. Even with that said, think about the “haters”, and “frenemies”.. Get rid of people who only bring you stress and worry, and don’t feel bad for doing so. It is YOUR life. Purge the hate, get rid of the fake friends and surround yourself with the ones who care about you.



TIP 4:



Leather lounge


This one is SOOOOO important. Cleaning and CLEARING the space you live in, from clutter, and unnecessary “junk” (I say that loosely, as I am a person that is VERY attached to the things in my home). However, nothing gives you a sense of calm, clarity, like cleaning the space you live in. Much like you clear and simplify your life, you are indirectly clearing and simplifying in your mind too. Creating cleanliness, order, simplicity in your house, spear heads you creating that in your life too.


TIP: 5




This is one of the most common things/phrases to hear nowadays. Detoxing the body. Now, this is a challenging step for some, but well worth it. Soooo you stuffed your face with that Steers burger, or Ice cream from a fight you and your boyfriend had… Time for a little “detox”.

Have a daily water intake schedule. Come on, lets be honest, water isnt the best liquid to have, but it is the most important, so force yourself to drink it at first, and watch how easily it will come to you to drink water later. If you don’t like water, try fruit infused water. Take walks! I’m not a gym person in the LEAST, but I try to keep active by walking and attending sponsored walks with friends and family when I can. Sleep. Very important. Take and sleep not less than 7 hours every day during your detox period. Your body needs to rest, this will help your body get all the energy it needs for the next day! 🙂

LIFE | LIFE DETOX – 5 STEPS video on our YouTube Channel Beauty Corner_SA 🙂


A positive life, comes from making positive decisions! Do your life detox! Start today!

Have you done one? What was it like?


Til the next well being post


Live in Light and Love ❤



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