Materialistic Society- Instagram Pics AREN’T “Goals”!

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Hell everyone! 🙂


This is a question I’ve often thought about living in today’s society…


“Do we live in a materialistic society?” “Is materialism friend or foe?”


I’ve often thought about it and wondered. Before we get into the intricacies of materialism, lets first understand WHAT it means.


The dictionary defines “Materialism” as:

“a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values”

Do we live in a society where our possessions, mean more to us than the genuine things that add value to our lives, NOT in monetary form?

You go into Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and you will not log out without seeing this:

Pictures of expensive bags, shoes, clothes…

Now, if there is someone you know that always puts such pictures up, on the social networks, would that lead you to say that, that person is materialistic, and only cares about expensive things? Or would you rather say, “well, he/she works her butt off, and deserves to play just as hard as he/she works?” What is the immediate thought that comes into your mind?


Again, society had channeled our minds to believing that first part of that statement. That he/she is materialistic, yes?

What inspired this blog post, is seeing what I saw on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, of a whatsapp text conversation between a young girl and a supposedly wealthy tycoon from UAE, and she was basically stating that she could give herself (body and all… know what I’m saying?) to this person, freely in exchange for money, and a trip there- where she would supposedly, again, be spoilt rotten.



This is where materialism, for me, takes a stinky turn for the worst. If you have to sink yourself lower than nothing, or give of yourself, all to acquire a nice car, bag, shoes, and floss about them on social media, this is VERY problematic, again, lets be honest-  THIS IS HAPPENING… Seeing a girl who doesn’t even work, on Instagram, posing in a Ferrari… Lol, we know it’s not hers, sooooo??? Is the demand so high to want to “floss” over such things that we have lost sight of what truly matters? There must be something horribly wrong with the person who does this- low self esteem maybe?


Materialism 5


If you utterly and unequivocally value yourself and who you are, and have confidence in that, nothing can ever make you sink to that point to get such things. However again, I see it. I see the pressure that these things, seeing them of social media and such, can pressure a girl to do things she’s never done before just for a “piece of the Instagram pie”. It’s comparing yourself to what you see on these sites, that gets people thinking that there is nothing other way but to sell themselves. When, there really is another way….


Yes, it might take you longer, yes, there might be a lot of blood sweat and tears, but what you WANT, you must be willing to WORK for… However this society, is so driven by wanting to make quick money, that morals and values often fall to the wayside. Very sad.

“We need to stop looking OUTSIDE of ourselves for value…”


However, there is another side to this coin. I do think if you are capable of getting those things, cars, bags and shoes, the right way, through hard work and blood sweat and tears, then BY ALL MEANS, spoil yourself and get the things you love. AS LONG AS THEY DON’T control you to a point where its unhealthy. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and not have to ever be apologetic for it. No one can change you for your tastes, and what you like… It is your life at the end of the day, but WHERE is this sudden BOOM for the love of materialistic things come from? Especially from the younger generation..

So, yes, we do live in a materialistic society, but how it affects people is an ENTIRELY individualistic experience.

Just never forget to remember the important things, the relevant things.

What is your take on materialism? You think we live in a materialistic society?


Materialism 7


I read something on Instagram a while ago that I thought would be fitting for this post:

“Never before has a generation so diligently recorded themselves accomplishing so little”.

Couldn’t agree more.

What’s your take on this? Is materialism a real thing? What do you think? Let me know!

Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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2 thoughts on “Materialistic Society- Instagram Pics AREN’T “Goals”!

  1. We really do live in a materialistic world, where like you say, we are a generation that has recorded accomplishing so little , and it is honestly quite sad.

    I believe that social media has made it worse and enhances the look of having certain material things as being an achievement.

    SAD, SAD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right???! It’s all about Instagram, and and and, bags, shoes, expensive things and people are actually PROUD to floss and brag about it as if its an ACTUAL achievement! LOL, yaaaa neh. Its Super sad my friend.


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