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Hey guys!! 🙂

This one is for the bloggers, or the want to be bloggers!

Now, let’s be honest, there are SO MANY blogs out there that thinking of doing one, and having it be “noticed” is difficult. It’s a lot of work having a blog, unless if its just something that you “just want to do because it’s cool”. A lot of blogs fail, because someone started it thinking that its the “in thing” and then realised how much work it is to actually MAINTAIN a blog, or to get it to be noticed (viewership and followers).


There is a lot of work that comes into play when you are a blogger, and from my PERSONAL experience, my blog went for about 3-4 months unnoticed. Not even one view. I was the only one reading my content. Fortunately, that wasn’t the reason behind starting my blog. I didn’t think that it would be “cool” because of the hype created by Tumblr and such a few years ago, but because I wanted a space where I could talk about some of the things that I love, and enjoy. Due to that, I never got tired of putting work into it. Now, I have a pretty decent viewership and follower base, and my blog gets noticed quite a lot more ( on a good day with over 300 views and reads and on a bad day around 60, which for me, still is great!). This however, does not come easy.


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The blogger life isn’t easy though. Managing a work schedule, and my YouTube channel with my sister, AND GentleOrchid, it is not easy. I often say sometimes that the blogger life is sometimes a lonely one, and I’ll do a blog post on that one later.


There are ways though! To grow your blog and help it get noticed! 🙂


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5 Habits to take Up to Grow Your Blog! 


  • CONSISTENCY. I cannot stress this one enough. Consistency is VERY important if you want your blog to get noticed. Blog, and blog often! If someone reads a blog post from you today, and then you only release the next blog post in 3 weeks, chances are VERY high that, that person will have forgotten you by then. Try to upload a few times (2-3 times a week).


  • HAVE A CONTENT CALENDER- SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS. This ties in very well with consistency. If you are someone who blogs, but has a full time job at the same time, it is a VERY good idea to pre-schedule the release dates of your blog posts, so you don’t have to worry about releasing a blog post that is rushed and of no good quality. I write all of my blog posts over the weekend, and schedule 4 or 5 of them for release the following week, and I already for 2-3 drafts just waiting, just in case I have a busy weekend. I take my product photography as well during the weekend because I don’t have time time during the week to do so, as I have early work mornings and then return late at night.


  • MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA YOUR BEST FRIEND. This one is VERY important!!! It can be frustrating sometimes, but you have to keep your Blog a common name or phrase on social media! Tell your friends to re blog or share some of your blog posts on THEIR social media. Talk about your blog everywhere, from Twitter, Insagram, Facebook, Pinterest, BlogLovin’ everywhere! The more you get your blog “out” there, the greater the chance of SOMEONE noticing it, and speaking about it.




  • MAKE FRIENDS IN YOUR BLOGGING COMMUNITY. Familiarize yourself with some other bloggers in your niche. Comment and follow their blogs too, you don’t have to be too imposing on them or anything like that, however, be a familiar name that comments or actually takes an interest in their blog, and they will reciprocate. Also, have other bloggers write guest blog posts for your blog. Even people you know, who aren’t bloggers, but would bring great content to your blog, ask them to participate. The more tongues wag, the more your blog will be noticed.


  • TAKE AWESOME PHOTOS! Very important! Obviously when starting out, taking photos for your blog may not be of the highest quality and editing skills, however EVERYONE starts somewhere. My photos were not that great too in the beginning, however I started working with my camera and started getting really awesome product shots. 🙂 Everyone starts somewhere. A blog with GREAT photography, is an attractive one. So pay attention to that too!


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That is 5!

I think these five points are really important ones to take up in your blogging journey. I still need to remind myself of them everyday too! There are obviously LOTS more, please let me know if you would like some more tips! 🙂


Until the next blogging post…


Live in Light and Love ❤


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  1. Great Tips – Katzzz – GentleOrchid
    I wish I could steal this post LOL

    Consistency and social media I do emphasis on that.
    Consistency is hard especially when you have a full time job and all, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to for bloggers “me included”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oohhhoo, I love this content and for a new blogger like me, I find this very helpful! Very beautiful desk area by the way, I probably should invest on a camera!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Everything you just said it’s true. I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks or so and it’s been very frustrating. Honestly, blogging Is very difficult and requires a lot of work…especially when you blogging about fashion and trying to be different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thank you…! 🙂 I think it’s what a lot of people who DONT blog don’t understand. They think its just sitting in front of your computer and just writing and attaching pictures… LOL, if only they knew that each post was well thought out, and planned. Photos must be edited and re edited, lol. Blog posts are thought out and such. It’s a lot of work… Keep pushing doll, and pre schedule!!! 🙂 Will be sure to check out your blog 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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