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Let’s speak about this “Black Girl Magic” phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot recently when it comes to black women. I even use it too when a black woman has achieved something or if I’m proud of them, or if a admire them. Let’s talk about what it is (according to ME, my personal opinion) and my conflicting views on this term!

Her beauty. The way in which the colour of her skin accentuates her figure, her curves, her eyes, her lines. Her power- her endless desire to keep pushing, not bounded by her struggles, not crippled by her circumstances, not chained by her past. Her desire to grow, succeed, achieve- DESPITE the forces, and systems designed for her to fail, to struggle. The essence of a true BLACK woman, is found in her beauty, in her challenges, in her triumphs, in her eyes, the colour of her skin, the way she walks, everyone she meets. In a world that doesn’t particularly MAKE room for her, she demands it and she SHINES, She thrives, showing that no amount of judgement, comments about how beautiful she is “for a black girl”, struggles, assumptions they make of her- like a Phoenix, she continues to rise.


Culturally, professionally, personally, she still thrives. She stays winning.
This… Is black girl magic to me. Definitely.

BlackGM 1
However, this is what they don’t say, what they DON’T tell you about Black Girl Magic.
They don’t tell you black women are also in many instances the biggest NON-SUPPORTERS of one another. They don’t tell you that black women continuously throw shade at one another. That she can, to your face, tell you something positive and complimentary and turn around and talk badly about you to your friend. Yet #BLACK women are the ones RIGHT NOW, pushing the #BLACKGIRLMAGIC phrase!! I won’t lie, I’m one of them, I push the phrase too. (Lol, I don’t speak ill about another woman, but I push the phrase).

I FIRMLY believe in supporting one another. Male or female. The juice though, however gets a lot more sweeter when you get praise, validation, affirmation, support from your very own kind. Female and Black. However it is not always the case here. I’m not saying there is illegitimacy behind the “trend”, or phrase for lack of a better term, however, I do think that it is a little half- hearted when it comes from women who also throw shade at another of her kind.


I do however, LOVE the positive impact that #BlackGirlMagic has had in validating and solidifying how proud we are in the powerful black woman, and how we want to preach that and praise it. The black woman is a strong  woman, a powerful woman, and this cannot go unnoticed… It just MEANS to much MORE when you genuinely MEAN what you say when complimenting another black woman, without turning around and speaking ill of her.


I know many beautiful black women that reflect black girl magic for me!

Ladies! continue to make us proud! ❤ ❤




There are soo many women I know that radiate that Magic… some are not here as I don’t have their pictures, but I commend all you wonderful ladies ❤ You represent greatness!


What is your take on #BlackGirlMagic ??

I’d Love to read your views…


Til the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤



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2 thoughts on “#BlackGirlMagic 

  1. This is amazing! I love the movement and I think there’s nothing greater than seeing your own kind genuinely celebrating each other and achieving big things. It’s our time and I love it!
    Lovely post ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! We need to support one another a lot more! It is our time, and seeing black women thriving is so inspirational! ❤ Thanks doll!


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