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I have been asked a number of times by my friends and even people I meet in a meeting, or people I meet randomly when out with friends, what I use on my skin. I wont lie, my skin was TROUBLESOME growing up and in the “STAGE” lol (puberty), I had MANY MANY breakouts! It was frustrating, killed my confidence quite drastically, because, lets be honest, the one thing everyone sees when they speak to you is your face. I believe taking care of your skin is far more important, and I do not mind spending on skincare items, rather than makeup, because that’s the first process- taking good care of your skin.

Makeup will look even better, on skin that is taken care of!!


So I have decided to write a blog post showing some of the products that I use, but would like to add that I am NOT a skincare professional, I’m just writing this blog post to talk about some of my holy grail items in my skincare routine.


So I thought before telling you what I use on my skin, I would SHOW you what my skin looks like WITHOUT any makeup on, and an image with makeup on. My skin type is combination as its normal and tends to get oily in my T-Zone especially in the summer.


Katli No makeup
Me WITHOUT makeup on
Katli Makeup
Me WITH makeup on













These two images are just an indication out how I look with makeup on, and without.

I believe it is EXTREMELY important to take care of your skin especially when you wear makeup on the daily like myself. Makeup can damage the skin if the correct steps aren’t followed when APPLYING makeup and when TAKING IT OFF.




Skincare steps


I use these 6 steps religiously EVERY single morning and evening. Ok, lol, let me not lie, there are some nights where you walk in from a night out, and the last thing you want to do is stand in your bathroom for 10-15 minutes doing your skincare routine.. Those nights are FACIAL WIPES nights!!! LOL, they are allowed, but try not to make it a habit!


The Body Shop Camomile Range




This product has been a Holy Grail product in my skincare routine for the longest time now! The Body Shops Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and the Sumptuous Cleansing Butter have been religious products in my skincare range. I love the oil for removing makeup.

When I get home from work, the first thing I do is take my makeup off, and I use the cleansing oil to remove all my makeup. Just two pumps of it, put in onto my makeup filled face, rub it all in, and it does the BEST job at dissolving all the makeup including eye makeup. From there I wash it off, and go again the second time, to ensure all my makeup is gone.




Clarins 2


From cleansing my face, I will then dry it off and follow with my Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum. 

Disclaimer: I often use different product ranges in summer and winter. In autumn/winter I normally use the HydraQuench Range, because my skin is a lot drier because of the cold air, and in summer I will use the Bright Plus range.

Continuing… the serum works well at restoring the natural hydration capabilities of of the skin to hydrate itself. It is a light “watery” consistency and smells REALLY good! lol. It restores and re-hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and radiant. It retails for about R600.


Clarins 3


STEP 3: Moisturizer (Face)

My face Moisturizer in the evening is the Clarins Hydraquench Cream. I LOVE this cream!!! I smells amazing and applies onto the face smoothly, and leaves my face feeling soft and radiant. It contains Katafray which works well at Hydrating the skin when it is dry. It use this in winter as my skin tends to be a lot more drier than the summer months.  This helps you wake up feeling soft skin, that is moisturized and smooth. I completely agree that this happens with my face, in the morning I wake up and my face is a LOT more radiant looking. EVERY morning, no joke. It retails for R550.


Clarins 1

In the morning, I use the Hydraquench  Lotionwhich leaves my face feeling smooth and evens out the tone of my skin. It is lightweight and comfortable on the skin. As does all products in the range, this one also provides moisture and hydration to the skin, and has a SPF of 15 which is great protection from the harsh sun. This retails for R550.


I love this range not only because it REALLY does work, but I love that Clarins products are organic plant extracts, so I’m not worried that I’m putting some sort of chemicals on my face. They also last forever! I started using this product since September last year, and nothing has run out yet. A little REALLY does go a long way with this product.







The Eye Creams that I use are both from Kiehls and I have been using them since winter last year, and honestly i HAVEN’T looked back!

In winter I use the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye TreatmentThis product is great especially if the skin around your eyes gets dry a lot in winter. I use this product mostly in winter, because avocado is great in rehydrating dry skin, and it gently moisturizes the eye area. Its smooth and effective. Love!


Currently (in summer), I use the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate. This products does WONDERS at brightening the area around the eye (self explanatory, lol), but reducing fine lines. It has worked wonders for me. Often, when I am stressed or have had many nights of hardly any sleep, the skin around my eyes tends to darken. The marks are still there, but ever so lightly (as you will see on my picture without makeup on), they were a lot worse! This product is helping lighten them day by day. Patience!

This product contains Haloxyl, which is a powerful ingredient that works well at eliminating dark marks! Since using this, I haven’t looked back! 🙂 A great alternative for this that is a lot less expensive but still works the same is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Eye Cream! Love it!


That is it!!!

What do you use on your skin? Anything you can recommend to me?

Let me know!


Til the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤





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8 thoughts on “My SkinCare Routine…

  1. Clarins Clarins.

    Very informative especially now that we are going into the Winter months. also very informative for someone like myself who suffers from the same skin condition of combination with my skin being drier in the winter months.

    Thanks for the amazing post as per usual 🙂

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      1. I was the same. Still working on mine, it’s better than it was though. I think that bad skin is a blessing because you end up investing so much time and care into it and your routine & products that you come out the other side glowing!
        That’s how i view it 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Absolutely, positively CONCUR!! You just start being conscious of it and taking care of it from a young age… True. Work on that skin doll, we will all be working on it for the rest of our lives!

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