KEEP GOING- Monday Motivation



Monday Motivation 18


Good Morning Friends!


It’s Monday again, and we all know that nothing beats getting pumped for the week like listening to, hearing or seeing something that will motivate you to get through the week. 🙂

This is what i want these blog posts to reflect.


Winston Churchill once said-

“If you are going through hell, KEEP GOING…”


Lets be honest, sometimes its just easier to give up, give in. Shut the the curtains, and hide away for the rest of your life. It truly is. How though, is that living your life to the fullest? We ALL go through tough times. You, friend, reading this write now, TRUST ME, EVERYONE GOES THROUGH DIFFICULT TIMES. It is difficult. It is taxing. It is draining on the body, like sometimes you honestly feel like it’s an out of body experience- those “this can’t be me moments” … but it is you. THIS IS YOU. This is your truth, this is your life.


Monday Motivation 19


You have EVERY single right, to NOT be OK. It’s valid, its justified. I have those days too. I might have fought with my family member, a friend, had a rough day at work. What you go through is REAL TO YOU, that makes it WORTH acknowledging. Also remember though, that it doesn’t last forever. There is ALWAYS a silver lining in the clouds, if you are willing to FIND it. You just need to keep going. Keep searching for better, keeping your head up.

Break down, but then, PULL IT TOGETHER.


Monday Motivation 20


Life is too short, to spend it curled away, hiding out and not confronting and facing your reality. It’s not always going to be good, but its not always going to be bad either.

Remember the people who are there for you.

The ones who love and support you. Often when we are going through a bad patch, we feel like we’re alone. You know you’re not. Remember the ones you can lean on.

Then face those challenges, and FIGHT them.

You’re still alive, so keep going! You can do it.

Monday Motivation 21

Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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