Monday Motivation: There’s No perfect Plan

There is NO Perfect Plan….


perfect plan 3


Hello hey!


Ok, so let’s be honest here. Planning is a great way in which we can compartmentalize and put some order to something right? Have you ever tried to ‘PLAN’ your life and succeeded?

Lol, be honest… I don’t think so.

We plan for order, we plan so that we can prioritize what is important in our lives. The thing is though, that life in its own way, IS NOT perfect so why would we want to make our OWN lives perfect? Why put that much pressure on ourselves? If you work so hard to have a perfect life, what happens when things don’t turn out perfectly?If you get so attached and connected to your “perfect life plan” you end up being the one broken up by it.

perfect plan 2

The higher the level of you searching and planning for PERFECT, the higher the level of frustration.


You shouldn’t put a plan to your life-  putting so much strain on planning your life, that you end up forgetting how to actually LIVE your life.

There isn’t a manual to this thing called “life” so why create a planning book? Don’t get me wrong, you can PLAN for what you want out of your life and how you want to achieve those things (eg: goals and such), you can plan on what you need to do to accomplish them- but you can’t put a PLAN on your LIFE.


Here’s an example. Ever come across a woman who tells you that by 26 she wants to be married, 28 she wants a child, and 30 she wants to live in a house she owns and be in a management position where she works. Ever come across such a person? I’M sure you have! lol. Can you IMAGINE the pressure that this person has put themselves under? 

You end up making decisions you don’t really want to because you want to put a tick on your life checklist! So no matter how much those my seem like “goals” to the person who wants to achieve them, they also come at the expense of putting them under so much PRESSURE.




Is it worth it though? The stress, fear and the pain?  You kill yourself with long hours at work that you forget you have a family to go home to, time to spend and memories to build with your loved ones. You stress yourself so hard on finding the “perfect one” by 24/25 so that you can be married by 26, that you switch and keep moving from relationship to relationship, and end up settling because you want that tick on the checklist? Come on.


Life is meant to be perfect. Life isn’t meant to be planned right from the moment you breathe your first breath of air, til the moment you breathe your last.



– and ENJOYING it.

It moves so fast, that you blink and a year has already flown by. Take in the moments that take your breath away, instead of living to make a buck, or to become another statistic of society… Where is the freedom in that?


perfect plan 1

Til the next MM,

Live in Light and Love ❤



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