Monday Motivation: I’ve done Harder Things


Good Morning Folks!


It’s that time again, where we are at the beginning of the week, and some of us need a little inspiration (and a good cup of tea), to get us motivated to start the week. Am I right?

Last week I found myself doing things I normally wouldn’t do, reacting to situations in ways which I normally wouldn’t. I was different. Not in a bad way, I just decided to approach certain things differently. A changing you, is a different you. Let’s be honest, getting up, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and making the most of that day, is the hardest thing in the world- living is hard.!!

Monday Motivation 15

You know sometimes you have those thoughts that you could just give up and forget everything and everyone, and  then you remember… All the people that are counting on you. Your parents, your children, your loved ones, even YOU yourself are counting on YOU to push yourself, harder, everyday… It’s NOT EASY. (Frankly, if you are reading this, I am proud of you. Pat yourself on the back, and give yourself some credit! ).


So how can you be defeated by yet ANOTHER day??? You have been through some much, that ONE more day can’t be that bad can it? I don’t think so. Yes, some days are hard, but….

Monday Motivation 16


I tend to TRY to not overthink certain situations, while in the same breath making conscious decisions to better my life… With the people that I love. Remind yourself that you are surrounded by people who love you, and want you to DO better, to BE better. Let that be your motivating force for this week. Prove, to yourself, that you CAN do this!



It’s all just a matter of believing you can.


Monday Motivation 17


Make it an opportunity. Pave your way. Pave your future. Keep working hard! You can do it. If not…


(no excuses please).

Have a good week,

Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤



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