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So, this past month, I wish I could say that there were extremely memorable moments where I went to events, or went out and about every weekend, documented it, and put it on this month’s “Snaps”, but I can’t. I’d be lying.

However, there are ALWAYS so sort of pics to be taken at any which point, and I did. From here on out, for “SNAPS: Kodak Moments”, instead of individual photos, I will be doing a monthly roundup of different photos I’ve taken throughout the month. 🙂 Thought it was time for a Change!





Kodak 7




  • Sunday Afternoon: 28th February. Sitting in the garden, celebrating out Aunts birthday and “picnicing” and listen to music in the backyard. Lots of food, wine, music, and conversation…. Beautiful day.
  • LV- I put that picture up on my “Gentleorchid_Blog” Instagram page which you can find and follow hereI loved this pic, one of my favourites for the month.
  • “GentleOrchid”. I did a lot of changes to the blog in this month. Found myself spending more and more time on it….! Pheeewww, guess you gotta put in the work! My cousin and I (he’s a graphic designer), FINALLY came up with THIS logo for the blog and all of “Gentleorchid’s” social media sites. ❤ ❤ ❤


Kodak 7



  • You know you have those mornings where you have an extra “spring in your step”. You looking and feeling fresh. This morning a had on a gold watch from “Witchery” a brown light summer jersey from “Gant”, black TopShop jeans and gold sandals from Steve Madden. I had to take a “Blogger” photo, and liked the way it came out! lol


  • On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, every female in the office at work received a gift set from The Body Shop from the boss as a Valentine’s Day gift! Was I chuffed, as you’re probably aware, i LOVE Body Shop products! I love my job!


  • This day I went for a light lunch with my family, and I had one of the best iced watermelon juices from “”Life Grand Cafe. This was a good day, associated with so many good memories.




  • Pizza Night! So during the week, I hardly go to the family home to visit the family, mostly during weekends, but on this night, we all contacted one another and all met at home for Pizza! I hadn’t had it in a minute, so I was thrilled!


  • Valentine’s Day Flowers…..!!! ❤


  • So, I had an opportunity to baby sit my little sister for one night, and shewww!!! My sister and I had out hands full. For nappy change, to food time, bath time, and karate kicks while in bed, she was a handful! the following morning, I found her in my bedroom, going though my lipsticks! That’s what I was confronted with when I saw her! LOL, along with an “I know nothing, it’s not me look”, and purple lips!!



That’s it for this month’s SNAPS! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤





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