Best Advice


Ever go remember a time when someone was talking to you, and giving you advice, and they ended up saying something that stayed with you until today? That whatever they said, ended up becoming one of the best life lessons you’ve learnt.

I have taken away with me, lots of things that people have said to me that has stuck with me for the longest time, but one of the most important pieces of advice I remember taking away with me recently was this:


I was having a conversation with a family member about some big  decisions i’m making in the near future, and she said one thing that stuck with me…


“Katleho, not everyone will like you. Not everyone will be happy for you or your achievements. You worrying about what people will say or do, is fruitless. You cannot carry everyone’s burdens on your shoulders. You have your own cross to carry and your own heart to satisfy”.

Reflection Sundays 3


The truth in this is so real, I don’t know how to explain this. This is a real problem I used to have, and still do. Maybe now, I’ve learnt to care a little less what “so and so” would say, or what “so and so” would think. I would spend a lot of my time, not doing or saying what I REALLY want to do and say, for the fear of hurting someone I care about, or losing them, or disappointing them. It would become so bad, that i would overthink so many things, that it would ruin my day. My family knows how much i tend to think of others, and neglect myself, and as great as that is, it gets to a point where it’s just NOT ok.


Reflection Sundays 1


As true as the picture above is, its a VERY difficult thing to practice. not caring what others think? Come on. Find me someone who knows how to do that, and PLEASE give me their number so they can teach me! It’s not easy NOT to care! It’s difficult to detach yourself from not caring of what people think of you. It’s not some scrap of validation, no. It’s just how we are built, we enjoy it when people like us, we feel a lot better. Am i wrong?


If someone doesn’t like you, you can not care of course, however it takes a lot to get to that point- of NOT caring. At first you will want to know why? howcome? Eventually you get to the point where you just don’t care anymore. It happens.




Reflection Sundays 4


You have to do things that MAKE YOU PROUD. Do what you have to do, FOR YOU, and not for others. You will NEVER make everyone happy. Some people will hate you because you’re beautiful, because you’re too nice, or they can hate you because no matter how much they hate you, you just don’t care. I’d settle for that one! It is your life. You have your own cross to carry.

Reflection Sundays 5

It may be hard to learn to put yourself first, but try. You came into this life with the help of God and your parents, however you came into it alone, and you leave this life alone.

Don’t you think it’s time to live your life for you?

I think so.

So live for you. Carry your own cross. Do things YOUR way.

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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