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So I know I haven’t done a post like this EVER on my blog, but I am someone who loves to stalk sites like Pinterest looking for new ideas on how I can personalize my home, and make it look great, at the same time reflecting our style and taste. By “our” I mean my sister and myself, (we house mates, lol). We both love a modern feel, at the same time we love to put at little bit of a rustic touch too.


Our home has a good mixture of rustic and modern, depending where in the house you are. Downstairs is a great mix of rustic touches, wooden coffee table and dining table with cloth upholstery, whereas upstairs is more of a modern touch, with a lot of while, mirrored furniture and grays (especially in my boudoir, lol).


Recently I have been crazy on Pinterest trying to find new ideas for our outdoor space in our garden, extra tid bits for the lounge, and extras for the bathrooms…

This is what I’ve been going crazy for!! 🙂






Leather with a little mix of wooden rustic has always been such a great combo… I’ve been really liking this Idea for a bit…


Especially upholstery with leather too… Works REALLY well together. That chair though! Perfect for someone who loves to read.


Sidetable 1





Also loved this tiny side table, wooden side table, however in slightly darker, more dark brown or even mahogany wood.







OutdoorOutdoor 4

We have a big garden, and for the longest time I have been contemplating getting outdoor furniture. I need something that will reflect our youth and young age, but comfortable and “loungey”, and can handle the different weather temperature.



The struggle to find storage for towels is REAL! These are a great idea for storage for linen and towels.

Bathroom 1


Really been loving these bathroom mats! brings a very “beachy” look to your bedroom.

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5 thoughts on “HOMEWARE IDEAS

    1. Lol, I don’t know if I will share pics of the re-invented space, purely because of privacy reasons, don’t want to be showing pics of my home you know, but will see! maybe the furniture it self, yea that I can do!!! 🙂


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