The Food Cafe! (February Edition)

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Food Quote 4

LOL!!!  🙂

So I seriously don’t know what’s happening to me! It’s either, I seem to be enjoying a lot more time at home with my sister, cooking home cooked meals, which we seem to be doing a lot more of lately- OR- I just don’t fancy going out that much anymore…

I found myself doing a monthly roundup of the food pics/posts that I have on my phone and camera, and nothing! Just a few from a lunch family date I went on with my family in early Feb, and a few snippets here and there.

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So on the 6th of February, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my family and I headed out for a nice lunch at one of  our favourite spots, “Life Grand Cafe”. For about two years now, we’ve enjoyed going to the one in the Hyde Park mall, but recently one closer to us south Joburgers opened, and headed down there. The food at that place, UNREAL.

Food has the power to transform! Change you from being sad, to being happy. From being depressed, to being excited, from feeling cold to feeling joyous and warm inside…

The food at Life Grand, does JUST that! it DOESN’T DISAPPOINT.


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Beauty of Life Grand, is you can also make your own salad! My little brother went for this GREEN mix, with cucumber, broccoli, lettuce, sweet corn, green beans, feta and chicken bits…! Looked sooo good I HAD to take a snap!

LG 3

One of our starters was the Beef Carpaccio which was ABSOLUTELY delicious… Must say, I don’t normally enjoy Beef Carpaccio at many places where I try it out. Its very rare for me to find a place that serves GREAT carpaccio,  but this one didn’t disappoint!


This baked Seafood pasta was EVERYTHING! Even though I can tell you, I took only about 7-8 mouthfuls and I had to stop (I have a problem, I get full way too quickly) worst part is, I wasn’t even HALF WAY through! Packed with seafood goodness! Made a great dinner meal later that night! 🙂


Life Cafe 7


So its always a battle with me and my sister as to who is cooking which night, but on THIS night, I had to give her some credit, love and finger snaps! I was so impressed with this meal! She made a simple lamb stew and white rice, putting the rice into a cup, flipping it over on a plate creating the rice ball… Feeling very ARTSY that night ey Nalz? LOL. Really enjoyed the savoury taste, with a tiny hint of sweetness from the chutney mix. Awesome!!!



Home food

So, when my sister isn’t cooking, then I’m cooking. I took this image this past Sunday when I cooked a meal for my Aunts birthday. A basic chicken stew, sweet corn, baby carrots in cinnamon and a tiny bit of sweet brown sugar, and veggie rice. Along with that I had prepared some salads which where already in the fridge 🙂

That’s it!!!

Did you have a memorable meal you can think of this past month?

Let me know!

Until the next “Food Cafe”,

Live in Light and Love ❤



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8 thoughts on “The Food Cafe! (February Edition)

    1. Lol, doll, I LOVE being in the kitchen. I’m a little selfish too, I prefer to cook and prepare a meal for people, alone. I struggle with having helping hands in the kitchen, I feel they either working to slow for me, or not doing it right! I’ll be sure to remember the cook book birthday gift! When is your birthday? 🙂


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