Good Morning Everyone! Meet a fellow blogger friend Cynthia from Cape Town. The face behind “EstreLaEvra” 🙂 She has kindly accepted my request to interview her for blogger insider. Well known on the SA bloggersphere here is what she has to say on and about “ESTRELAEVRA” 🙂


Sits down with Cynthia Gwebu

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

My name is Cynthia Gwebu and I am the founder of beauty blog I have a penchant for all things beauty related and started my blog to express those fascinations. is all about beauty and ranges from conversations about skincare, makeup, hair, nails and even lifestyle topics. I am also all about informative video content like makeup tutorials, and beauty tips and advice.

     2. What inspired you or prompted you to get into blogging?

I loved/still love magazine culture whether its print or online. I also studied journalism in university so blogging was a natural progression, however, still a hobby at the time. I began by writing about my obsessions of the fashion and lifestyle industry. After a couple of years I started focusing my attention more on beauty and my love for it grew exponentially thereafter.


  3.How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style is pretty simple – I post about topics and products that matter to me – so anything I put out is always genuine. I want my readers to have a unique experience after visiting my YouTube channel and website. I always aim for my content to be informative, super easy to understand and visually appealing so that it is exciting enough to engage with.


4. How do you manage to find time to run your blog efficiently?

Managing my time with running my blog was always a challenge. I used to work a full-time job and couldn’t really commit. I recently took the plunge to resign and fully focus my attention on – the feedback has been amazing. I’m not saying one has to blog full-time for a blog to run successfully but time management and having a strict schedule with planned content is always a great idea.


        5. Have you encountered any challenges along your blogging journey?

Who hasn’t?! Blogging is a labour of love and you could have been at it for 5 years without getting some sort of recognition. Such was the case for me but like I said in the previous question, I was never really fully committed. But through consistency and determination I pushed my blog in the last year and received recognition – EstrelaEvra was nominated in the Best Beauty Blog category for a SA Beauty Blog Awards. One of the reasons for resigning was that blogging became somewhat of a conflict of interest so I had to make the decision to either forget about it or give it a chance and dedicate my time to it.


6. Can you tell us about some of your favourite SA bloggers?

I love Candice-Lee Kannermeyer (In My Bag). She is well versed in skincare and I am currently trying to learn more in this sphere of beauty. She’s always trying out bazaar beauty treatments so I enjoy hearing her reports/feedback on it. I also enjoy Luzanne from Pink Peonies. Her visual aesthetic is to die for! I visit her blog often for photo inspiration and visual direction.

7.How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to your blog, and blogging?

Browsing the net to discover what’s hot and trending is my favourite pastime so when I see interesting topics, I jot down ways on how I can spin them, making them my own and relevant for my readers. I’m a very visual person so apps like Instagram and Pinterest constantly keep me on the pulse and I also receive inspiration and direction from there. I am also motivated by the comments and feedback I receive below a blog post or a YouTube video – it’s all great and a source of inspiration for me.

8. Is blogging a hobby or career currently?

It’s a career!


       9.In future where would you like your blog to take you?

Around the world!

10. Any tips, tricks, advice for new up and coming beauty and lifestyle bloggers?

I think the key is to remain consistent and once you gain momentum, don’t slack off and become lazy. Also, don’t look at the numbers – it’ll drive you crazy thinking why that blogger on this blogger has so many more followers than you when you started out before them. There’s a reason why you’re at where you’re at and as long as you remain passionate and true to yourself you will come out on top.


Thats it from Cynthia! Cynthia that you very much for taking part in this ❤

If you want to find Cynthia online, look for her here and show her some love!

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