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So I never really done a post like this, but I figured I should do it anyway. Everyone loves to snack on something during the day, whether it be fruits, healthy snacks etc… So I wanted to show you what foods I take with me when I am at work and what I have during the the day! 🙂

lunch bag

So I recently started adapting the style of carrying a lunch bag to work. It limits my want to buy junk food around lunch time, when I know I have a bag full of healthy snacks and goodies to choose. I recently picked this one up at Woolworths, and couldn’t be happier because for such a small bag it carries quite a lot. 🙂


So normally, I leave the house far too early to have breakfast at home every weekday morning, so I usually prepare something I can have at work. Often, its always a choice between two things:

snack 4  I LOVE OATS!

I have from when I was younger. I love that its healthy, and quick and easy to prepare. I normally add the oats in a small bowl, add a pinch of salt, boiling hot water, and put it in the microwave for 2 mins, and then voila! done! I’ll have this maybe 2-3 times a week. I prefer it more in winter though. ❤


On hot summer/spring days I LOVE to have my ‘breakfast of champions’ as I would call it!


snack 5

I have spoken about this one too many times on the blog so I wont get into it THAT much… but I LOVE fruits, especially watermelon, grapes and berries. I would then prepare red grapes, plain yogurt, sometimes add berries, with cashew nuts, and drizzle all that with honey ❤ LOVE!!!




There are days where I am busy in the early morning when I get to work, so instead of a proper breakfast, I will rather snack. These are some of the goodies I snack on:


snack 2

I LOVE Provita wholewheat crispbread. This is great because it comes in a lunch pack portion which carries four thin crispbread bits, and I love snacking on this while I have one of my loved teas. 🙂

snack 3

Like I said earlier, I love watermelon! This is another snack of mine that I will have on a different day. These are easy to pack into a small lunch box, as they come already cut up for you, easy! no fuss! I get mine from Woolworths Food.

snack 1

Can you go wrong with fruits though? I don’t think so! Fruits are the number one love! Fructose anyone?!  I also snack on these during the day, especially when craving a chocolate or something sweet! Look, I won’t lie, sometimes I DO cave in and buy a chocolate bar that I will end up eating over 2-3 days. (Another fact you don’t know about me, I can NEVER finish a chocolate bar in one sitting) LOL. So fruits are a better option.

Around lunch time I will get a sandwich, salad, and on the odd day I’ll have a burger or pasta… but that’s basically how my lunchbox work snacking looks like.

I switch it up with different fruits, cereals, breakfast items, but it usually comprises of lots of fruit and yogurt.

What do you love to snack on?

Let me know.

Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤


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