Monday Motivation- “Let It Go”



Let it go

Hello everyone!


I trust you are all well?

Let’s be honest, we don’t always have good days… Actually, sometimes I just WISH that everyday would be a good day, with no problems or issues cropping up. Unfortunately, we only WISH life could be that simple.


The purpose of this post is to talk about my view on the power that comes with letting go. It’s almost like an acceptance of sorts, resigning to that fact that you MUST let it go, in order to clear your heart and move forward.


Let it go 2


Think of the concept of having you hands completely full. You have crisps on the one hand, along with your cellphone, and on the other hand you have a bottle of water, a peach and a notepad, and yet you still want to reach for the energy bar on the table. How do you reach for it, when your hands are incredibly full? Of just STUFF??


Either everything will fall to the floor or you just wont be able to get it.

Basically, everything can fall apart if you dont let go, or you wont be able to reach for what you want when your heart is still full of the things that pain you.


Let it go 3


Now, lets understand the term letting it go…

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because you’ve had a fight with your friend, that “let it go” means removing yourself from the friendship itself. No. It means, remove yourself from the SITUATION that causes friction in your friendship. Accept that the issue is there, but remove your heart from feeling hurt and pain because of the situation. If you stand outside of the situation itself, you have a better view of finding a way to fix the problem, and get your friendship back on track.


Same goes with love. If the argument between you and your person is not serving you well (stressing you out, making you emotional and upset, snapping at everyone around you, heartbroken), remove yourself from that situation, take some time to be in your space to assess the situation without directly being embroiled in an argument and trying to make decisions.


Decisions made with a heavy, angry and emotional heart, in ANY situation, often turn out to be decisions you didn’t really want to make in the first place.


Let it go 4


If your friendship is meant to be lifelong, no matter how much you and your friend may argue and fight, they will stick by you, and you by them forever.

If a relationship is meant to last, it will. It will find a way.

If they aren’t meant to stay, or if someone walks away from what you share with them, friendship or relationship, let them walk away, then they weren’t made to stay.

Sometimes I wish it was cut and dried like this, but often it isn’t. Sometimes the one walking away, walks away because something no longer serves them, maybe the friendship has just become toxic, or the relationship has just become unhealthy. At that point, you cannot blame someone for wanting to save their heart, and want the best for their well being.

Closing the door, and letting go of what does not serve you, puts you in a place, and in a space for all the right things to find you. Genuinely.

let it go 5

Someone somewhere in the world needs to know that there is life after the pain, but you need to let go for good things to find you. Besides, what is the point of holding a grudge on someone you value, or something you value. When you care for someone, something, you never want to be the reason behind their pain, sadness…

So let it go. Breathe. Let go of the situation that hurts you, and bring in positive energy to inspire healing and growth. To fix something, it needs to be broken, and you need to work on fixing it.

If you are fixing your broken self, do it. Fixing a broken relationship, do it. Fixing a broken friendship, do it, however, clear your heart of the pain first, and FORGIVE.

Someone asked me to write something on “Letting It Go” I hope this helps 🙂 ❤

I hope it helps whoever needs it.

 Let go 6

“Let go, Let God”.


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- “Let It Go”

  1. Just what I needed. I struggle so deeply with letting go, so much so it has created the biggest amount of clutter within my inner being…

    Your post has shown me that you cant always control certain things, and even people but rather leave it all to a divine power who will handle it….

    As I lay my head to rest tonight, I release it all bu letting go and letting God!!

    Whats meant to be will be and whats not is also ok

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you took a message away from this. It’s always so difficult to let go, but letting go brings so much change too… And change is a constant thing… Leave it to God, let Him be your guiding light, let Him fix it for you…❤️


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