Reflection Sundays: “Love”




Weird right?

LOVE?? on a sunday? LOL

Keeping in mind that it’s Valentines Day today, I thought it would be fitting to do a reflective post on LOVE ❤


Hello! 🙂


Now this is a topic I never speak about on my blog, purely because the word, the feeling, love is a very subjective one, and relative to each and every single individual. So I felt that it would be an injustice to put up a post on Valentine’s Day, and have it not link to love in any way? That would be SO wrong.


I did, however decide to put a more reflective spin on the term love and the topic, to go with the reflection sundays theme.




Often, when we think of Valentine’s Day, we think love (in terms of your relationship, your partner, lover), we think dinner dates, outings with your significant other. Oh and how do I forget, we think of RED ROSES!



Now I’m PERSONALLY a lover of White roses (like the ones I took in the picture above that I have in my home now) and orchids (of course, lol), but the red is often associated with the LOOOOVVVEEE kinda love! Feel me?


However, still thinking about love, in the spirit of giving, and spending time with the ones you love, I just couldn’t help but think, there are people who DON’T have partners at the moment. People who do not have someone to take them on a lunch, dinner date, treat them to a bunch of flowers, devote this day to a loved one…


Does this make the day less special? How about taking that moment to appreciate the ones that aren’t your lover? Your family, your friends. The people who stick with you through the happy times with a lover, and through the bad times too? Can this day not be devoted to them too?


I understand how someone single can find this day sickly, and wants it to be over and done with… However, there is also another end to the spectrum. There can also be a person that is in a relationship, but doesn’t have the pleasure of enjoying this day much like the single person. Maybe because their partner does see the sense in spending this day loving on your significant other, or spending R500 on roses, or taking your partner out for a dinner date. Some people just choose not to partake in the “commercialisation” that has become of Valentines Day.


Even with that being said, can we not lose sight of the fact that Valentines Day is about “Love”… From my understanding it can be love for ANYTHING, ANYONE!


Love for your partner

Love for your family

Love for your pets

Love for food! 

Love for your friends

Love for the things that make you smile (like a great bouqet of flowers)

Love for music!


The point is, it is a day to give of yourself by displaying yourself to that which you love. Am I wrong?

A day to give, to share, to reflect on all the people you love, and all the people that love you. That, can’t EVER be limited to just one person.

Take this day, to think about all the ones that you love, and that love you too.

Spend time with them. Be with them. That should be all that matters, and if you are fortunate enough to get flowers and gifts on this day, you’re one of the lucky few.

Different opinion?

Do you celebrate Vday? Let me know!

Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤





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2 thoughts on “Reflection Sundays: “Love”

  1. Those roses are so lovely,white is the way to go.Lol,i dont celebrate Valentines,well simply cause im single and even if i find someone i doubt i would.Instead i use Valentines day as a platform to appreciate my besties for their love and support towards me

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