Hello all you beauty and makeup lovers!!

I was looking through my Back to Beauty Posts and the last time I did one was in October!!! I really do feel that this blog post was a LONG time coming! Wow!


Even though there were many other beauty related posts after that one, like my 2015 Beauty Picks, and the Beauty Pics of the WeekI know that my Back to Beauty Basics posts are some of my most loved segments on the blog, so…. ITS TIME!!!

I have been loving quite a few products since then, but for the sake of not making the post too long, there’s always more posts to come anyway!! 🙂


Lets get started!!!





Ok, so a little over a month ago, I discovered the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks! I have literally been so obsessed with these ever since I got them! Since having purchased these babies, I have full on NEGLECTED all my eye shadow palettes! 😦

There is a reason though! There really is! These make applying my eye shadow super quick in the mornings, and I dont have to faff around with a palette. I just rub it onto my eyelid, blend it in with my finger and I am GOOD TO GO! Literally takes less than ten seconds to do! For a woman like myself, that doesn’t like to waste time getting ready in the morning, I LOVE THESE! They are long wear because they literally stay in place, ALL day… they are such a pleasure to use, and come in great colours! My favourite colours at the moment are “Dusty Mauve” and “Violet Plum” ❤

I love these, only downside is they are QUITE PRICEY (ummm.. R425… *clears throat), even for me it is a splurge item, but they do last long, and are great quality, and a great gift for a makeup lover.





So I’m pretty sure you are well aware of my love for the Revlon Gel Envy Nail ColoursI love them! This formula nail polish is along the longest wearing and longest lasting on my nails and the colour selection is great, with colours that are season appropriate for all seasons. This nail polish lasts me at LEAST 5-6 days without chipping, and looks exceptionally good on! It has a good shine, that also lasts, and doesn’t fade out after three days like some other brands I know…


This is available at any Clicks and Dishem stores, and Revlon counters in your retail stores and go for around R150 ZAR. My favourite colours at the moment are “Winning Streak” and “Hold Em”.





Now, I have had this product for well over three months now, and I have been trying it, but haven’t said anything because I do have a somewhat love hate relationship with it.

This is the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in “02” (Raspberry). Now as you know, I am a BIG fan of Clarins products. After the debate, I have decided that this is a GREAT product especially if you struggle with dry, cracked or chapped lips. This is one of the BEST lip treatments I’ve encountered. So don’t let the name fool you… “Oil” and one would think its greasy. It isn’t at all. it is highly moisturizing and lasts hours on your lips. It does give a glossy shine, but nothing too overbearing and has no particular “colour payoff”, which is fine, because you really get it for the work it does on your lips. It softens and moisturizes the lips. The applicator is quite thick, but it is SUPER soft which makes application a dream. My only down side is that I struggle a lot with sticky glosses, and I find this one is sticky for me… not as much as the Bobbi Brown lipglosses, but sticky nevertheless, and I find that irritation on my lips, nothing I cant handle however.


It works great at healing dry lips and keeping lips soft and supple.

It can be found at any Clarins counter in any department store and retails for about R280 ZAR.






Now, I have to show this baby some love… i bought the Aerin Perfume in “Lilac Path”, used it for a while just after purchasing it, and then put it away and never touched it again. Recently, in the beginning of Jan, I did revisit it, and must say, I’ve been loving it. A lot ❤

Lilac Path is described as:

Lilac Path captures the spirit of Spring and makes it last.” – Aerin

Lilac Path weaves a delicate story of crisp greens, rich blooms and delicate petals.
Evocative Lilac infuses the scent with inviting depth, heightened by lush fragrant Galbanum. Creamy Jasmine Lactones blend with soft Angelica Seed Oil and Orange Flower.

Its fresh, yet quite “rich” at its base, and lasts on, all day… I have fallen in love with this one again ❤


That’s it for this installment of “Beauty Basics”


What beauty products have you been loving this month? 🙂 Let me know!


Til the next one,



Live in Light and Love ❤



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