The FOOD CAFE! (Dec + Jan Edition)


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Hello hello friends! ❤

So to be honest, not many images were taken over the DEC + JAN period of the food I ate. It’s strange because normally around December, a lot of food is consumed, because, you know, duh, its the FESTIVE season! Truthfully though, I didn’t really take many shots of some of the great food I had, but nevertheless, I did take SOME shots!


Of course, for my food lovers, I will always put SOMETHING up at the end of every month! 🙂

Shall we get started? Yes!!!

Food Quote 2





Now this  looks like a random cup of tea right? WRONG…! Lol, ok I’m kidding you’re right. This was taken when the vacation I took with my girlfriends, and I was so fascinated by the sugar CUBES that I had to take a picture! Honestly, to anyone else, this may be the most random thing to be excited by, but to be honest, we dont really come across sugar cubes much here in SA, so when I laid my eyes on them (for the first time in my 28 years mind you, I had to take a snap of it!) …. How random! LOL, but hey!








The Zanzibar trip had a couple of snaps there that I knew I could place in this blog post… Even though I don’t remember the name of the dishes, because it was often dishes I hadn’t heard of, or food items I was new to, so I just thought I would insert the pictures anyway for your viewing pleasure! The bread baskets though (second picture), were INSANE, fresh bread, EVERYDAY, and every evening for dinner (as a start of course! lol)…

I loved each and every momet of it, even though I knew it was reeking HAVOC on my body, but like Oprah says “I LOVE BREAD!” I was making an exception!! I was on holiday!


How do you not eat when bread and baked goods look THAT inviting though??


Beef Carpaccio


Of course Christmas Day calls for time with family, good moments, good vibes and GREAT food! Right?

Well, this is an instagram shot of some of the food we had on Christmas Day…

Awww but that Asparagus and Parma Ham was EVERYTHING!!! (mouth watering!)

We had a Shrimp salad with some avo, beetroot salad with feta cheese, and lots more…. All with mouth watering “braai” meat, which is equivalent to a “barbecue” for all those not South African, 😉


This was a gooooooood foood day…!




I don’t remember when this was taken, but it definitely was early this year, when I went for breakfast with a friend and I really had a hankering for french toast. Fournos Bakery does the BEST Pecan Nut French Toast with slightly toasted banana, and some icing!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH MAMA!!! ❤ I LOVED this!!

IMG_6051 (1)

On another saturday morning with my sister I went to Founos Bakery AGAIN and had myself a Bacon Eggs Benedict, and… ooooh….. ooooohhhh….! *no comment*

If you are a SA resident, and you haven’t tried Forunos Bakery and you have one near you, like what are you waiting for? Go go go!!! 🙂



You know a Food Cafe blog post will never end without a picture of my fruit loves… Lately berries have been doing it for me, and grapes!





As rare as it may “seem” to be…lol, I do cook. On this sunday morning, I had cooked and was so pleased with myself (i hadn’t cooked in sooo long), I had to take a snap shot…

Butternut, mixed veggies, basmati rice and lamb stew… Hmmm!

So meal have you had recently that you’d LOVE to have again??? I could do with that French Toast man… ❤

Hope you enjoyed it!

Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤


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