To My Sun, My Moon and My Stars…

My Mother…


Makeba 2


Every single year, two days roll around which are difficult.

Days which make it a little more harder to breathe. This hear is one of them… Your Birthday…

2ND February…

Every morning on this day, I wake up, light a candle and begin my day. Thoughts of you flood my head. From your laughter, the way you used to shout at mean, the sounds you used to make every time you bit into a good slice of pizza, lol. Everything. Even the day I will never forget. How you looked so flawless, and elegant, happy… Little did I know that was the day we would be saying goodbye…


Even with the struggles today brings, I am overwhelmed by the goodness that overcomes my heart at the thoughts of you. I’m weakened by the realisation of how alive, strong and powerful you are, in my heart, my mind, my soul. I wake up to thoughts of you- my SUN. I fall asleep to thoughts of you- my MOON.

In your image you gave me and Nali life. With your nurturing heart, you grew us, with your powerful mind you taught us, all we need to know to grow up to be good and to do good, because of you, we are here- OUR STARS…

To others, you may be a memory. To us, to remain alive- everyday… When I do something bad, I wonder what you would say. My heart responds, as do you. When I need you help, advice- my heart responds, as do you.

Your body may be gone, but your heart, mind and spirit is still very much alive- in OUR hearts, your loving daughters.




We stay remembering you, we stay loving you, we stay missing you, we stay thanking you, we stay…. You leave, and you take your warmth, your love, and guidance with you… Your act stays noticed, but even without your presence- your love is felt, your kisses are remembered, your laughter stays infectious, your smile endless… You are the reason why we are here- YOU are the reason why we are who we are today, you are the gift God has given me, and a gift that will always be ours to have. In spirit, in body, in mind and soul, you will forever remain…our mother. Happy Birthday Oros.

The ever so gentle…orchid…

Your loving daughters… Nali and Katli.

Live in Light and Love ❤


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