Dont Let it Scare you- “Change”

Change 3


Its what we need to keep convincing ourselves of right? “It’s a process, it’s a process”.


Change should NEVER be an easy process. If its easy, then it most definitely isn’t change. Change challenges you.

Change helps you grow. Change takes you on a journey, and with change, you NEVER travel the same journey TWICE.

Change 4

Change can happen in every sphere of your life. Work, home, friends, family, the people you have and surround yourself with. Often when change happens, we are not entirely ready for it, but once spotting it, its a quick decision to decide whether we are going to EMBRACE the change, or let it DESTROY us…

Being afraid of change is living in fear… Fear of what may be different, fear of the unknown, fear of what may come.

One thing however, that change will ALWAYS be, is, CONSTANT.

Change 1

Change can be painful. Adjusting to life after having lost someone, or broken up with a partner you love, or lost your job. This is a painful transformation to endure, but it is a transformation you HAVE to go through nevertheless. When you are changing, not only are you growing, but you are living. It’s a sign that you are alive.

Stay with me here…

Change helps us learn more, about ourselves. Change shows you your strength. If you are willing to embrace change, that is the first sign of the immense strength you possess. ❤

You never know… the change that you so heavily fear, might be the change you NEED to progress, to grow, to live.

Change 2

I was afraid of change. Afraid that I didn’t really know what tomorrow would bring. Due to my horrible, at times debilitating fear, I wouldn’t do the things I REALLY wanted to do, or the path I REALLY wanted to take because I was afraid. Afraid of the change that would come from it. For 2016 one of my personal goals is to…

…embrace change…

This means accepting if I lose people that i was once close to, accepting that life is taking me down a different path that I’m not sure of. Accepting that people will talk, the users, the opportunists the ones who will deliberately burn you for their own gain. Accepting that this is a part of the journey I am on.

This journey will not take the same path, change is bound to happen, and when it does, I’ll be patiently waiting…

Change 5

The change I’m willing to ensure happens, for my own sanity, and peace of mind, is making sure that I surround myself with people who share the same vision. To live and prosper, to learn more, to grow, to love wholeheartedly, to take risks, to conquer fears, to step into the unknown and saying “I’m doing it anyway!!’

If you are going through some changes…. Embrace them. Welcome them, and while you do that… learn more about yourself in the process ❤

Until the next one ❤

Live in Light and Love ❤


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