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Hello Hi!!! πŸ™‚

So I have done a little re-vamp of my desk and workspace, so I decided to show you where I work when I’m putting blog posts together! So I have a room in the house where i can do all my blog work, take images, do some filming and really just relax in there… It houses some of my extra makeup products, my books, homeware things and tids and bits. I use this room also to do work, if I need some peace and quiet.


I always advocate, that a clean space, encourages a clean mind, and that helps with getting clean thoughts. This space helps me come up with my blog ideas, even in the middle of posting a particular blog post, it stimulates more ideas.

Keeping the space clean and uncluttered helps me because I’m not a fan of a messy space to work in. It doesn’t help me.


In a space where I work, I love to have things I love around me. It helps with setting a good atmosphere for when I want to be productive and do some work. Having all these things in this space, helps with the flow of ideas, but also puts me in a good mood to do work. Its quiet, its white and has all the goodies I love on it (The desk I mean! lol).

So listing all the things on the desk:

  • My laptop and sometimes my camera (depending on if i have taken images I want to upload and edit that day)
  • Notebooks and a Planner (I’m always jotting down ideas, to do lists, therefore notebooks come in handy).
  • Candles. Sometimes I’m blogging on a cold and rainy day, and lighting a candle always “sets the mood”, lol, a cozy mood I mean!!
  • Beauty Items (Theres ALWAYS beauty items on my desk, for a pop of colour, or maybe because i have just taken pictures for a blog post, lol, and it just makes the space more inviting, because I love makeup, and beauty bits
  • A Mug. I’m always having some kind of tea when I blog! Its a ritual!!
  • Books. I love to read (even though I’ve been slacking lately) but having a few books on the table reminds me to take some time and read a couple of pages before getting up.
  • Fake Plants. Greenery seems to make the desk a lot more “alive” and fresh looking, so I love to change up the environment with different “green” plants.DSC_0092DSC_0103




So the necessary items I’d think are necessary for every blogger are:

  • Clean space to work in, with the desk.
  • Tech items (laptop/desktop/camera/headphones etc).
  • Notepads/ Planners
  • Mug/Tumblr (You could end up spending a few hours at the desk, might as well take breaks in between and hydrate!).
  • Items that inspire/motivate you (when you’re surrounded by these things, it makes working there a lot better as you are constantly inspired.


What do you have on your desk? I’d love to know!! πŸ™‚


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❀



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6 thoughts on “Whats on my Blogging Desk? _ Essentials For Every Blogger

    1. Thank you so much dear! I struggle sometimes to blog from my bed, because sleep always takes over, lol! So I specifically created a room in my house where I can do some work. πŸ™‚ Thank you! I got the desk from a shop called “Decorama Designers” . This is the link : http://www.decorama.co.za/

      They deliver anywhere too. πŸ˜‰


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