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Hello Hi!! πŸ™‚


SO I must be honest, blogging is sometimes draining and time consuming… but the worst that blogging has to offer is when you sit at your desk, stare at your desktop/laptop, and have absolutely NO idea what to blog about!!

Writers have writers block, lol.. this is



B Pic of The week 5


Its honestly the most frustrating thing, and you know that you HAVE to release a post, but you don’t want to release anything of poor quality. You want to give out GREAT content for the people who follow you. So I thought I should write this post on some ideas (25!) that you can consider for your next post if you are a beauty and lifestyle blogger πŸ™‚


Lets get started!


  1. Help people get to you you! Write a short “get to know me” post about yourself, or answer some FAQ about you.
  2. Beauty Lovers- Do a post on some of your favourite makeup, or skincare items and why you love them.
  3. Do a short DIY project and discuss it in a blog post, whilst explaining how one can do it at home. (eg- how to keep a tidy space, organizing)
  4. What have you found on social media that interests you lately? Talk about that!!
  5. Talk about your favourite music!
  6. You favourite BOOK!Β 
  7. Do a “Day In the Life” post.
  8. Talk about some recent bloggers you have discovered.
  9. Travel a lot? Take pictures! Write about your trip!
  10. Are you a “Foodie”? Talk about your favourite food, or a step by step recipe post that you love
  11. Visit some areas that you are unfamiliar with and talk about them!
  12. Tell us whats in your calender for the month. Any events you’re attending?Β 
  13. Any helpful makeup/fashion/travel tips? Tell us about them
  14. For the Beauty Lovers- Share with people what you have in your bag!Β 
  15. Have some Guest Bloggers
  16. Answer a Q and A. Ask your followers or viewers of your blog to ask you questions!Β 
  17. Do an Instragram favourite pics of the week. (Roundup)
  18. Something you don’t like? TALK ABOUT IT!Β 
  19. Want to rant about something? Do it, not every blog post must be a happy one!
  20. Take a trip down memory lane and share with your readers a memory from the past
  21. Talk about some tips on blogging!
  22. Love Home Decor? Show us some images you’ve been loving!Β 
  23. Write about something motivational, inspire someone’s day πŸ™‚
  24. Yank out the old photos! Do a Throwback Edition!
  25. Do a list of Do’s and Don’ts.





I hope you found this helpful!!!

There’s always LOTS to talk about!!! πŸ˜‰


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❀



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