Morning guys and girls!

This is a quick post to announce the winners of the giveaway! Thank you to everyone that has entered and shown their support for Gentleorchid ❤ 🙂 I really appreciate all of you so much!


Sadly not everyone can get something, and my sister and I had to do the painful random task of drawing names from a cup!! 😦 Nevertheless, it was done, and the winners have been announced on my Facebook and Instagram Pages.


Lesedi giveaway


Lesedi is the lucky winner for the Beauty Prize!!!  ❤


Gomolemo giveaway


Lemo is the lucky winner for the Travel Prize! ❤


Thank you SO much to everyone that entered!!!


Due to the fact that I did want more than just two winners, I decided to award 2 smaller prizes for Travel and Beauty to two other lucky ladies!

Travel- Alma                             Beauty- Lungi ❤

giveaway 5

Everyone will be contacted regarding delivery of their gifts!! Thank you so much for the following and the support you have given my blog ❤

There will be many more giveaways in the future and a personal giveaway (BIG GIVEAWAY) to two people that i really feel have shown my blog posts some love by commenting and being interactive on my blog… 🙂 This one will be in June, my birthday month, so be sure to look out for that one! 🙂


There will be another one of this nature or similar in April… and i might sneak in some smaller giveaways in random blog posts without announcing it so you have to stick with me here! 🙂


Until the next one!

Live in Light and Love ❤



P.S. Congratulations LADIES!!!

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