Beauty Picks- 2015


So, this was a hard one for me, but I tried to narrow it down, A LOT and I tried really hard not to include some of the products I’ve already spoken about on my blog. Therefore, what I’ve done, is put up some of the things I’ve recently been loving! 🙂


Let’s get going…!


One product I’ve REALLY been loving is the L’Occitane “Fragrance Beautifying Cream”. This was a recent discovery I’ve been using for the past two months and a little more!

I have never come across such a magical product for my body! It smells amazing, subtle yet quite distinct fragrance. The cream isn’t too thick, and at the same time, not too light. It sinks QUICKLY into the skin, leaving you smelling fresh, and “flowery” (if there is even such a word, lol, i know there isn’t!).

Its beautiful!


Another product also from L’Occitane that I love, is there 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream! A cult product in the beauty world and I now realise why! Its thick, creamy, and rich… and great for dry hands! I also got the one for Dry feet, and my feet and hands have thanked me since!

Its a luxury product, but one that is sooooo worth it! I love it! ❤







MAC Studio Fix Fluid



This product, I have a love/hate relationship with!!!

Initially about 2/3 years ago, I tried this foundation, and it broke me out SO BAD!!! 😦  Recently, however, my sister got me to try it again (my shade is NC50), and I did! I haven’t been able to put it down, and I thought it deserves an honourable mention in this post. I’m not sure if the formula has changed, but it applies smoothly on my skin, and you can use it for medium to full coverage, and doesn’t create any flashback when taking photos!! ❤ Try it, it doesn’t disappoint!


This eyeshadow palette has amazed me over the last 2/3 months, and I knew I had to speak about it! The L.A. Girl Nudes palette is a great buy for a girl on a budget!

If you love rose gold colours, pinks, golds and shimmers, this is the PERFECT palette for you! It mixes a few purples, just in case you want to smoke out your eye a little bit! 🙂 The colours are richly pigmented, and give great long lasting payoff when applied with a eyeshadow primer!

This is a MUST have for your collection!!!


If you looking for a “NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN” look, this eyeshadow palette from MAC does not disappoint!

The X9 “Burgundy” palette is a LOVE in my collection… I used it a lot in the december month when I was away, and I haven’t been able to put it down! Rich in colour, and buttery soft yet heavily pigmented, this is a great palette for the girl who loves smokey eyes for a night out on the town, and loves to mix mattes and shivers on her eyes!!!


A much more recent buy is the “SMASHBOX FULL EXPOSURE” palette! Whooo, i haven’t used this for longer than 2 weeks, but I’m SO pleased! This is a perfect palette for girls like myself who love a nude, neutral look for when you’re at work during the day. You can glam it up with seven shimmer colours, or keep it cool and matte with seven matte shades! ❤

I love it!!!


I like to keep my brows as NATURAL looking as possible, so there are two products I use to achieve this!!

The fluid liner by MAC in “DipDown” which i apply with a fine eye liner brush, and normally use it on special occasions when I’m going out, because I takes a lot more time, and concentration. It does, however leave a very NATURAL look…

The brow pencil I use on an everyday basis for a natural looking brow, is the MAC brow pencil in “Spiked”. Its a perfect BROWN colour which is always a better option for brows than black, and creates a simple fine natural look.


Thats how the brows look when I’ve used the MAC brow pencil in “Spiked” ❤

LEt me know if you’ve tried some of these products!! How do you like/not like them? Let me know!

Until the next one-

Live in Light and Love ❤


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    1. Lungi, I’m telling you- You will love the palette!! Its on the pricier side, but I’m sure as you know with palettes, getting a good quality one, with great colours and long staying power is great! Besides palettes last you a long time, if not years and years!! So I say- GET IT!!!! 🙂


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