Travel Diaries: Zanzibar! (Part 2)

Travel Diaries:

Zanzibar (Part 2)


Hello Hi,

Shall we continue on from the previous post on Zanzibar? Ok, good!!!


Prison Island


So the second stop on excursion day was to Prison Island. An island a short boat trip away from Zanzibar town (app 30-40 mins).


The Island was initially set up to house prisoners who have committed serious crimes, as the name states, but was later used as a place to quarantine people who were suffering from illnesses like cholera, to prevent it spreading onto the mainland.


Now, the island is home to tortoises older than 100- 150 years old. The oldest one being 193 years old. This was fascinating for me, but my friend wasn’t too pleased to be walking around them, lol! She was actually scared, and it gave it me lots of laughs.


The island is so small you can walk to the other side of the island in under 15mins! I’m serious here!!



From this point on, we were back on the small boat, headed back, into a car, and headed to the Spice Farms.


Spice Farms



The visit to the Spice Farms was soooo fun for us. As ladies who cook at lot with herbs and spices, seeing them in their core forms (and not grounded down into a powder) was interesting!

From Nutmeg, to Vanilla Pods, Coffee Beans, to LemonGrass, Ylang Lang (Used in the Chanel No. 5 perfume, you can imagine how excited I was here!) and many others… I loved this part of the excursion!




I really enjoyed this trip! From here on out it was the end of the day, and we were back at the hotel!


Some fun memories were also made at the hotel, and that will be part of the last part of the Zanzibar Trip, which will follow soon!


Until then…


Live in Light and Love ❤


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