Travel Diaries: ZANZIBAR!! (Part 1)

Travel Diaries:

Zanzibar! Tanzania

(Part 1)





So this was the LONG awaited trip of the YEAR for me!!! Exciting times! Months and months spent on planning one of the best trips of my entire life! I know, thats a rather bold statement to make, but the memories created on this trip I will love and cherish for the rest of my life ❤


So for my sisters 21st birthday, we decided to go on a trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania. So if you think about it, this was all because of her really! lol. I took one of my good friends along with me, and she took her best friend as well, and the 4 of us took a journey to Zanzibar, and didn’t look back! 🙂



We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL hotel called Diamonds Star of The East, in the north of Zanzibar. It is ranked Number 1 right now one my list of beautiful hotels that I’ve been to. We were blown away! I must however admit that we were humbled by what we saw on the car trip from the airport to the hotel. You get a sense of how blessed you are when you see the people around that area living in poverty, seeing houses that weren’t fully built, hawkers selling at ever turn and curve, people using donkeys connected to trailers as a means of transportation, it humbles you and reminds you how blessed you are.


We couldn’t believe what we saw when we got to the hotel. It just seemed so contradictory to what we saw on our way there.

Of course it was one week filled with fun times, lots of sun, great food, and lots of drinks! Over and above the great moments that we had on the hotel premises, we also got to do some “touristy things” and visited the old Stone Town of Zanzibar, Prison Island, and the Spice Farms. For me that was one of the most fruitful experiences of my life.

Learning more about the people, the culture and diversity of the town, was one of the most rewarding things I learned.



Stone Town was an hour away from where we were staying, and on our excursion day out, we received a guided tour through Stone Town where we learned quite a lot about the history of the town.


The first stop was the old Slave Trade site, which is now home to an Anglican church that was built there in 1873, after the East African Coast slave trade period. Before then, this was the site where slaves would be bought and sold.


This part of the tour was slightly difficult because we were shown to the salve chambers where slaves were kept for days before being auctioned off. A room smaller than my bedroom, housed 50 slaves for 3/4 days at a time (You can imagine how small it is, as my bedroom isn’t that big). Slaves died in there due to illnesses and malnutrition.


This wasn’t an easy one because its not easy to even comprehend how they were treated.


From there we moved into Stone Town where we were shown the architecture of the buildings, which had big ties to the religious backgrounds of the people who live there, then and now.




This part of the tour I enjoyed, walking through the small streets of Stone Town, meeting the locals, greeting and seeing the sights, while actually BEING in the moment, as opposed to sitting on a tour bus. Feel me?


For fear of making this blog post too long, another part of the trip, to Prison Island and Spice Farms will be on another post that will follow a few days after 🙂


Until the next one (Part two)… See you soon!


Live in Light and Love ❤



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