Doing what makes YOU happy: #MotivationalMonday




You know, as “easy” and straight forward as that message seems to be, it’s never quite that easy is it? Making yourself happy?


I mean, how do you make yourself happy, when we live in a society that feeds of being happy at the expense of others? Take a moment, and stay with me here. We live in a society where most people feel the need to make others happy, and that often comes at the expense of making ourselves happy. No?


We work so hard just to be able to put a smile on someone’s face, while we forget that we need to put a smile on our own first.



How do you make someone else happy when you aren’t happy?

Yes people can say that “When you’re happy, I’m happy”. There is truth to that, I get happy when I know my family is happy- but I’m sure you must reach a certain place of contentment FIRST in YOUR life, before being able to enjoy the contentment of another person. Right? To be able to GENUINELY enjoy someone else’s contentment, you need to be happy first.


We go through the journey of our lives, just working, tiring and draining ourselves to make another happy, while you eat away at yourself inside, because you are not doing what makes you happy.

Sad thing about life is, we put aside doing what we want to do, to reach happiness, for the sake of someone else. Is it fair?

If you love to travel, why not travel?

If you love to sing, why not sing? Is it because your parents tell you that music won’t bring in the paper (money)? Or because singing can’t be your career?

If you love to take photos, why not take photos?

If you love to cake your face up with makeup, lol, WHY NOT DO IT??

Who has the right to tell you whether your dreams are right or wrong? NO ONE.

Why do we let what other’s say influence us so much, that it becomes a barrier to achieving our own happiness, or even, or own greatness?!


This picture says, “whatever is good for your soul… do that.”

It isn’t a lie. Doing what you LOVE, ultimately makes you a happier person. It makes you enjoyable to be around. Your energy spills positivity, why? Only because you are at a place where because you put yourself first, you learn to appreciate the happiness that it brings others when you do good for them.


Am I making sense here?

Far too many people go throughout their lives, and die- NOT HAPPY.

No matter how big or small your dreams are, go for them… Grab them with both hands, and REACH FOR THE STARS. This, is what seperates happy people from people who are just LIVING day to day.


You might not be happy overnight, granted, but you can search for happiness everyday, as long as your open up your heart to WANTING TO BE HAPPY, and doing it JUST FOR YOU. ❤

You can do it.

Make it your goal for 2016. Wanting to be happy.

Do it. I dare you. ❤

Until the next one:


Live in Light and Love ❤



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