28 Facts About Me! 

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I always think its a great idea to keep the people that read your blog in the know about the author from time to time! Updated posts about yourself are always a great way to get people into your “life” for a little bit!

I’ve heard of the “25 Facts About Me” tag, but I thought I’d make it a little different because I am 28 and call it the “28 Facts About Me!”

Lets get into it! 

I LOVE Olives. No really. The love is TOO real!

I grew up a SERIOUS tomboy! Soccer t-shirts, bandanas, the works.

My family is EVERYTHING to me. #ThatsAll

My favourite colour is Blue.

In clothes however, I love neutral colours, Whites, Black, greys. 

I do not own a single “Pink” thing in my wardrobe. If I do, I never wear it, lol.

I call my siblings my love bugs/ penguins/ monkeys- I don’t refer to anyone else that way except THEM.

I can sometimes be very controlling, and have to remember to “check” myself (can’t help it).


I have 2 tattoos.

I’ve developed a serious obsession with makeup and skincare (I’m not ready to speak about this, its too soon!LOL). 

I appreciate the “realness” or “rawness” of people.

Cannot STAND pretentious people.

I love tea. No really, I do. 5-7 mugs a day. Green, chamomile, peppermint, Earl Grey, White Tea, I have them ALL!

I love to travel. I would take a good trip over a weekend partying it up, ANYDAY.

My mother is no longer with us (This is one of my biggest daily struggles).

Favourite thing to say lately “Get Yo Life” (American reality shows have RUINED ME, LOL).

My favourite authors are Paulo Coelho and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I write poetry… when the feeling hits.

Beautiful sunsets make me cry. 

I can sing, VERY well.

I struggle to go to bed without socks on, but more often than not, I wake up and they’re GONE!

I hate malls. Yes, I REALLY do.

I’m a morning person- Whether I’m going to work or not, I’m up by 6:30 am every morning, unless its after a long night out!

I fidget when I’m nervous. I can’t sit still, I can’t focus on anything else.

I LOVE perfume, and shoes. 😦 unhealthy obsessions! 

I love to laugh, comedy shows are EVERYTHING more. My tv is always on Comedy Central. Go figure.

I respect Humility in people, its a very strong characteristic, and a charming one.

Katli 3

That’s it ! I hope thats 28! hehehehe!

Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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Lifetime Friend <3 Lover of Love.... No Bullshitter, God's Child, Lifestyle Blogger DrEaM, CrEaTe, AcHeIvE, INSPIRE!!!

7 thoughts on “28 FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. You forgot hella funny LOL LOL…From the one time that I met you, there was a signature name you gave me for when you don’t know somebody’s significant others name…’ Bra Ntho’ LOL, Absolutely loved it hahahahahhahahahahahahaaa…..

    Lovely to get to know you Katli.


  2. Awww, thanks doll!! I’ve been told I’m funny, I struggle to believe it! “Bra Ntho” LOL, that’s what I call them if i don’t know them or their names, of it I want to gossip…LOL

    Thanks Honey ❤


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