Life Through SNAPS!!! Kodak Moments (6)

You know its that time again! Once at the beginning of every month, I put up snaps what I got up to the month before.

This one is NO DIFFERENT!

Camera 2

SNAPS! Kodak Moments (7)


Im 1 Now, I know i should’ve left this one for the food cafe post, but I just had to slot it, so why not?!?!

This picture looks soooo delicious! LOL.

I made this morning when I was feeling a little creative with my breakfast creation. Its just a breakfast bowl of granola, strawberries, raspberries and some honey glazed nuts with Greek yoghurt…! So delicious? It sure was!!! 🙂



So, about two weeks ago, before the 007 Spectre movie hit theatres, I was lucky to be invited to the Premiere of the even by Elegance Jewelers, for a private screening of the movie!!

Yes, i love action movies, and YES i love James Bond flicks and YES, i was blown away… It was a great night, full of action, beautiful people, and fancy watches, lol. We all went home with a little “goodie” bag from Elegance Jewelers too.

Of course while we were there, Krispy Kreme also gave us a sneaky taste of the doughnuts at the screening. Their South African flagship store was opening the following week, and we got a cheeky taste of some of the doughnuts on their menu… ONE WORD: DELICIOUS!!!!

Lovely night out indeed.

Im 7

Another event I was invited to was hosted by Flight Centre travel agency, as a thank you and appreciation evening for all their clients.

A fun night out with a bunch of GREAT people, lots of laughs, LOTS of wine, and games and prizes… I won a prize myself, and it completed an overall awesome night. 🙂


Another great time was my trip to Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls… These are a FEW of the images taken there, but most of them will follow in the next “Travel Diaries” series, in which I will be talking more in detail about the trip (Stay tuned!).


These shots are just random shots I threw into this post, that made the cut into this months “Kodak Moments”…


Top Left is my sisters tiny foot. That picture just warms my heart, in the cute ballet shoes

Bottom Left: Me and my other sister, lol… probably sitting on the wrong bench on our weekend getaway to Drakensberg

Right: My sisters clowning around… whats new??


Hope you liked it!

Til the next one 🙂


Live in Light and Love ❤


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