Travel Diaries- Drakensberg

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View from my Room

“A Moment In the Mountains”


So a few weeks ago, I went on a trip with my family for a weekend break in the Drakensberg mountains, for a Mini-break from city life.

Being in that place, is not only breathtaking, but the rejuvenation gained from the trip was immense. We arrived on friday evening and left sunday, even though it was short, it was well worth it, for what is proving to be a VERY busy Nov/Dec period for me.

The Saturday, was spent taking in the beautiful scenery and driving to places in and around the area we were staying. We took long drives and visited some of the prettiest shops around the area to do a little souvenir shopping for the people back home.

The duration of our stay there limited the activities we could do, so we tried to take in as much of the sights and sounds as we could.


One of the shops we popped into had the prettiest selection of handmade, crafted goodies for your home. It had everything from carpets, to candles (which I LOVE!), to home ware decorations, to home artwork… it had EVERYTHING…

The beauty about it was that everything in there was handmade. It was quaint, quiet, and so big, that we couldn’t nearly see everything that was in there. The candles came in all colours, blue, black, purple, red, but I especially loved the white ones.


I forget the name of the next place we went into, but it was also full of lovely shops, and we walked around, did a bit of shopping in there too…


The day was beautiful, and of course where there are goods, there’s lots of shopping to be done by the ladies! Thats when I came across this:


Im 21

I guess it does make sense doesn’t it? LOL!!

Women shop so much, the husbands might as well take a seat.


From there, it was back to the hotel… to relax by the pool and take in some sun and cocktails… and food of course! LOL


All in all, a great trip away with the people we love… short, but sweet…

Moments that we live for ā¤

Until the next Travel Diaries one, about my trip to The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, keep it here šŸ™‚

Live in Light and Love ā¤


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