MakeUp Storage


Now if you are a beauty and makeup lover, you know how important it is to properly STORE your makeup.


For the obvious reasons of

  • It keeps the integrity of your makeup intact (especially powders/blushes), prevents them from breaking apart.


  • It creates order: makes it easy to know where you have put what, reminds you of all the makeup products you have. When you can SEE them all, you’re more likely to use them all (well, most of them).


  • MAKEUP HYGIENE: Makeup HAS a shelf life… Its not wearable forever. It does have an “expiry date” so to speak. Having your makeup stored where you can see it reminds you of what needs to go when, and what needs to stay. This helps prevent you using old makeup that can cause skin infections and face breakouts.


Makeup Hygiene:

Keep makeup containers CLOSED at all times.

Never add water to makeup! This increases germ and bacteria growth to your makeup.

Do not SHARE your makeup.

Wash your makeup brushes and sponges every week to prevent skin breakouts.

Toss out old makeup at regular intervals. Especially “eye” makeup. If it has a funny smell, or you’ve had it for over 4 months, toss it out.

  • Storing your makeup properly, aids in ensuring hygiene in your makeup usage.



MakeUp Storage 3MakeUp Storage 6


This is how I store my makeup.

In clear storage boxes which makes it easier to see, and easily accessible.

These are available at Dischem pharmacies or online I’m sure.

Take care of your face candy…. ❤

Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤


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