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Body Confidence





This genuinely isn’t going to be an easy post to write, but its a struggle that so many people go through. I say people because men struggle with body confidence too. I used  to be one of those people, and I must admit, even on some days, til today, I feel my body confidence is low too.

Again, it doesn’t only affect “big” people. Even “small” and “tiny” people have body confidence issues too. The struggle is real, and many people, more over WOMEN, are truly affected by this… everyday.

Body Confidence is entirely individualistic and optional, to each and every person. It, however, isn’t always easy to be confident, when you look in the mirror and you’re not entirely always happy with what you see.

You want to change your look.

You wish you were skinnier/bigger

You wish you had smaller/bigger breasts

You wish you didn’t have so much arm fat.

You wish you had straight white teeth

You wish your face didn’t have such chubby cheeks.

You look in the mirror, and there is always SOMETHING you want to change.

These are some images of me.

I am not the thinnest woman out there. I have thick thighs and flabby arms, and a booty, lol. It took me the LONGEST time to finally be comfortable with what i see when I look in the mirror.


It is about how YOU look at yourself. You can choose to let your size define you, or you can define yourself. No matter WHAT your size!

Perception is KEY here.

The issue which we women struggle from again, is looking at our friend’s bodies and letting that influence how we look at ours. Why?

Beauty- to ANYONE, is relative. Someone may look at your friend and think her smaller frame is more attractive. Someone may look at you, and find YOU attractive and not your friend.

body Confidence 2

Instead of criticizing your body, what about your body makes you happy?

Ask yourself that question. You know that deep down there is SOMETHING, no matter how you may dislike your body, there is something that you love.

Be it your smile.

Your toes.

Your nose.

Your breasts.

Your waistline

Whatever it may be.

Hold yourself to a higher standard and remember that if you dont love you, who will?

Again, we cannot avoid the fact that, if you do not like your body, and because of it your confidence is affected, and it cripples your interaction with others, then a difficult and hard question you need to ask yourself is:

What can I do to change it?

And then… DO IT.

body Confidence 3 Love yourself enough to be nice to yourself. We are always hardest on ourselves, but find it extremely easy to shower others with compliments, and we neglect complimenting ourselves.

Do be too hard on yourself. Compliment where it is due!!

“Its NOT about the SIZE you wear…

…but the way you WEAR your size”

Wear your size with a smile on your face, a genuine one!!

You are not alone in this struggle, many others out there with you…

Be gentle with yourself, and good luck with your journey.

It’s ongoing, its difficult, but KEEP going.


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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2 thoughts on “#Life- Body Confidence

  1. You’re beautiful, no doubt.😊😊
    A post that needs to be read by many.
    If you have a good heart then your dimensions will be overshadowed by your heart. Be humble, Smile. You are and will being loved.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely… Thank you. It’s such a difficult topic, especially by women. We forget to love ourselves enough to realise that we are ENOUGH, we ARE PERFECT in the way we have been created. Its part of the journey of life. 🙂


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