Choose Happiness #MondayMotivation


“Choose Joy”


Over the weekend, I took a little weekend get away trip with the family, and it provided the perfect time to just relax, and take some time to myself, without having to worry about what to do next. This image was taken from on my hotel room balcony one morning.  More images and details of this trip will be in my Travel Diaries post later this week (stick around for that one!)

The purpose of this trip, was to just RELAX.




That is exactly what happened. The purpose of this motivational Monday post, was that often, among many of the conversations I had with my sister and brother, one of them was wanting to just BE HAPPY.

Monday Motivation 2

Conveniently, when we went on our little excursions around the area, I came across this post in one of the shops I went to.

The thing is, far too often we worry so much about wanting to make OTHERS happy that we forget about ourselves completely. It is a sad thing, because how do you make someone else happy, when you really aren’t happy? It becomes like a “half-hearted approach to being “HAPPY”.

When you wake up everyday, and CHOOSE joy, or happiness, no one can take that from you because you don’t give them that power. You GIVE yourself the power to dictate how you want to feel on a daily basis. You can be angry, depressed, sad, or you can be happy, hopeful and excited.

Excited that you have another chance at this thing called life. You got to wake up in the morning, now you can actually DO something about making your life BETTER.

Today, CHOOSE to be happy! 🙂

Monday Motivation 1

Another beautiful blessing that life gives us is the gift of family. Appreciating and enjoying being around the people that we have been blessed with. Sometimes we may not always get along with family, but they are the people who will love us through our good days, or bad days. They take us with our attitudes and moments of throwing fits.

Take a moment now to appreciate family, and let them be the motivation you need to be a bigger and better YOU.

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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