Travel Diaries Series (1)


So you know we are FAST approaching December time, and a LOT of people will be taking trips and vacations to far off destinations, preferably with beaches and lots of sun and water! 🙂

The same can be  said for myself. I will be doing lots of travelling this december time, and as always, I love to document where I go, and what i see.

Travel Series

My good friend got me this Travel Journal on a day out shopping not so long ago. She knows I love to write and document my trips and thoughts and such, so she purchased this lovely Travel Journal from the Typo store for me.

On two of the trips I’ll be going on, I will be with her so she ensured that she will make sure I fill that journal Up.

The Mint/Turquoise blue colour fits in very conveniently with some of the destinations we will be travelling to, so honestly, I cant wait!! 🙂

Travel Series 2

Another notepad from #Typo that I love quite a bit is the one above- which says

“Talk Qwerty To Me..” I found this one hilarious, and I actually purchased it a few months ago, with the idea of having a notepad to write on and document my travels later on in the year.

Goodness knows, one travel journal won’t be enough, because I document EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

I suggest you try this too.

Document your travels in a way that will suit you

  • Photographs or writing

Its a GREAT way to make memories last when you will be thinking back on how you did those things, in that moment.

“Memories don’t live like people do..”

This couldn’t be more true.

Go out there, travel, make memories… ENJOY LIFE, because, it’s FAR too short!!

Stay with my travel series blog posts, for the next one which will be talking about the ESSENTIALS i need for when travelling 🙂

Stay tuned!!!

Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤


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