“Voices”- DIMPHO “Mistakes” #Motivational


“Voices” – Dimpho


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People will scold you, punish you, judge you and undermine you for making mistakes, but in turn you should look within and realize that you are human. All that is required of you is to have learned from the experience of making a mistake.

You should always consider that a large part of your personality and character has been challenged. This challenge has made you a better person in such a way that only you understand. Some discover their weaknesses, their strengths or their true character.

Although mistakes are greatly avoided by every other person, there comes a time when their occurrence is beyond your control. Don’t beat yourself up, just realize that the mistake has happened, and your duty is to react accordingly. Wasting time by fretting and crying over spilt milk is not dealing with the mistake accordingly. Get up and fix the mistake without wasting any more time.

Do not let your mistake limit your capacity or inhibit your potential because:

While you hesitate because you feel inferior, someone else is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. Henry C.Link.

Wisdom is attained by a collection of mistakes that have been converted to life lessons.

“As you go into the New Year, reflect on the mistakes you have made throughout the year, ask yourself. What have they taught you? What have you discovered about self or another? STOP beating yourself up for making them; rather be wiser, more knowledgeable and bigger than your mistakes…

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Mistakes 5

Until the next one from Dimpho,

Live in Light and Love ❤

D. and K.

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