Jozi- My City


“Voices” – #Photography

Jozi is my home and the world still needs to be explored 🙂

My City 

Jozi 1

I may find taking a few shots challenging for a novice like myself but thank goodness my shots come out well with my 50mm prime lens on my beautiful Nikon D3100 I am able to make do.

Jozi 2

Why I’m fond of #MyCity #MyWorld #MyPlayGround #JoziLife

    1. Firstly it’s because of the people, Joburg people are some of the friendliest one can come across, they never afraid to strike a conversation with strangers and share a laugh.

Jozi 3 Jozi 4 Jozi 5

2. The creativity you find out here is mind blowing, there are creative people everywhere but its only when a city acknowledges them and give them the platform to express themselves in the public eye, you see something magical.

Jozi 6

Jozi 7 Jozi 8

3. It’s the street art, the exhibitions, the photography, the music, the designers and other makers who make this place a wonderful city to photograph.

Jozi 9

I love how people have taken ownership of their city because they have been given an opportunity to leave their mark on it. They have participated in making it the beautiful and unique city it is.

Jozi 16 Jozi 15 Jozi 14 Jozi 13

Jozi 12 Jozi 11

Jozi 10

3. Lastly I love my city because of the little things people don’t take notice of, beautiful things which at times you can’t explain but see yourself taking shots of.

Jozi 17 Jozi 26 Jozi 25 Jozi 24 Jozi 23 Jozi 22 Jozi 21 Jozi 20 Jozi 19 Jozi 18

That’s all from me to you.

Thank you for taking your time browsing through 🙂

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤

R. and K.

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