Life Through Snaps!!! Kodak Moments! (6)


SNAPS! Kodak Moments!

Hello Hello, šŸ™‚

Wow, my blog has been crazy busy over the last couple of weeks with the “Voices” segment, and the different pieces from some of the wonderful and extremely talented and lovely people in my life. In the midst of all that, I still have to maintain the blog, and keep up with the normal posts that I put up every now and then…

This is another one of them.

I’m in the process of “re-vamping” the blog, but I’m still pondering on it quite a bit, will definitely let you know what I end up deciding. šŸ™‚

Now, on to why we are here shall we? Good!

These are some of the snaps I took over the last month and a half… Its been a busy one, what with moving and attending a couple of events… shjuuuu!!! Lets get started shall we?? šŸ™‚

So on the 10 of October, one of my good friends, and guest blogger on the “Voices” segment, Refiloe, invited me to a “LiveLifeInColour” event that she knew about suggested we go out and have some fun. A week prior to that I was with her where we went looking for white t shirts to wear, which was the theme…

Little did I know what that meant! LOL

Image 1 Image 4

Pictures taken on our way TO the event… I must admit, we looked rather “fresh” and ready to have ourselves some fun.. Then this happened!

Image 5 Image 21 Image 3 Image 2

Little did I know that the “colour” part meant powder paint!!! Truth be told though, it ended up being one of the BEST nights I’d had with the girls in a LONG time! šŸ™‚ It was messy, got lots of “paint” in my mouth, ears, in my bra, eyes and nose, but we all came out of it alive, and it turned out to be a great afternoon/evening!! Time with friends, is always time well spent!!! ā¤

Next on the calendar was work function I had to attend on the 22nd of October. This was a Gala and Awards ceremony, and the people at work had decided to wear black to the event. The evening turned out to be a good one, even though you know, speeches get dragged out INTENSELY at such functions! Nevertheless it was a night out, with colleagues, OUTSIDE of the office, and office work. šŸ™‚ I wasn’t going to complain!

Image 8

I decided to go with an all black #OOTN which was a top from RiverIsland, pants from Country Road and Shoes and Neck statement piece from Aldo. All in all i loved it, and created some more attention with a BOLD red lip! Could have changed it at all!

Image 15 Image 12

It ended up being a night with lots of laughs and fun moments.. šŸ™‚

Another special, yet quite enjoyable event we attended was the Avon and Justine “PoutForAPurpose walkthon against breast cancer. This was a special day, because its always a great feeling to do something for the betterment of yourself and society. Something you know you will be proud of doing. I have a history of cancer from my mothers side of the family, so it was a sentimental one for me too. It was a good day. The walkthon was split into 2 events: the 5km walk and the 8km. We decided to do the LONG HAUL 8km walk!!! about 1h30mins later we were done! Our bodies were DONE for, but it was all WELL worth it!! šŸ™‚

Image 13 Image 14

Image 7
Image 10
Image 11

Random Shots taken throughout the month!

Image 16

This is a snap taken of my father and little brother… hanging out…

Ā Image 18

I was driving around my neighbourhood from when I was younger with my sister one afternoon… It was just after rain, and I spotted a rainbow. I hadn’t seen one in so long, I HAD to take a snap of it.

Image 17

My family and I ALWAYS clown around when we just hanging out with one another… The look of the lil one though…LOL Its like she’d about to ask, “Whats going on??”

That’s it for this months rendition of “Snaps”…

Til the next one…

Live in Light and Love ā¤


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