“Voices”- Centaine #JourneyToMauritiusPart2

Mauritius 2

Arriving in the port of Mauritius in the early hours of the morning was the most amazing sight to wake up to. The fresh crisp air was filled with excitement of all my family and friends whom I went on the cruise with – this was going to be a seriously EPIC two days!

Mauritius 3

As we took a farry boat in to the island the beauty of our surroundings became overwhelming – I hadn’t even stepped foot on the Island and my skin was tingling and my eyes were racing from one point to the other.  I was ready to explore Mauritius and go wherever my feet took me.  I was a photographer ready to see my surroundings and document all my findings and discoveries.

None of this would be an adventure without my photography partner in crime – my 16 year old cousin Emma whom is an up and coming photographer herself, my ‘mini me’.

Here is my photographic journey of our first day on the Island of Mauritius!

Mauritius 4.png Mauritius 5.png Mauritius 6.png

{The best Journey’s answer questions you didn’t even think to ask  }

Mauritius 7.png Mauritius 8.png

{Travel doesn’t become an ADVENTURE until you leave yourself BEHIND! }

Mauritius 9.png  Mauritius 10.png

The best way to explore is to simply go where your feet lead you and snap away as you go.  On the way back to the ship I decided to take the long way home and walk through the city streets to slowly make my way back to the harbour.  I found a certain sense of peace and tranquility as I wondered the streets.  The deeper into the city I went the less civilians I found the more I began to explore and totally take in all of my surroundings of a culture unbeknownst to me.

Mauritius 11.png.jpg Mauritius 12.png.jpg

{LEARN from yesterday … LIVE for today … HOPE for tomorrow }

Until her next one…

Live in Light and Love ❤

C. and K.

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