Monday Motivation: Self Reflection… Better Life


Self Reflection


Good Morning Everyone!!! ❤

As you are probably well aware, on Monday’s I love to write a motivational post that has a little something encouraging to say, or add, that just might make someone’s day, or change it from being a bad one, to a “not so bad one” 🙂

I’ve been thinking quite recently a lot about how important it is to self reflect, and take some “time out” to think about things.

  • Think about your life
  • Think about what’s going on in your life
  • What you want to change
  • What direction you want your life to take
  • What you need to DO to get it there 
Quiet Time is always needed...
Quiet Time is always needed…

Many people often “self reflect” in many different ways. Often, it involves some quiet time for introspection. This, however, can potentially happen anywhere. There is no recipe that says you have to be in a yoga/meditation room to take a moment for self reflection. Absolutely not. I have moments where I self reflect on the day I’ve had, and what I’d like to change about it, or what I’ve learnt from it, on a drive home from work. I just switch the radio off, and I just think about the space I’m in, and the day I’ve just had. It can happen ANYWHERE you like… A walk in the park, a moment of silence in your house, with the tv off and your cellphone on silent and tucked in a drawer somewhere.

Absolutely anywhere…

Reflection is extremely important in that it makes us understand, or rather “make sense” of the life experiences that we go through on a daily basis.

“…what gets us from experience, to understanding, is reflection”

Reflection helps us challenge ourselves by asking ourselves the necessary questions in order to make sense of a situation. Also it helps you challenge the world around you.

It also provides a safe and structured way to think about the positive too.

Self-Reflection 3 Its a way in which you can make yourself BETTER…

“A better you, is a HAPPY you…”

When your mind, life, is free from clutter, whether mental or physical from self reflection, it creates a better life. It still might not be perfect, but it becomes BETTER. Its a great way in which you can GROW and develop yourself as a person.

So today, just take some time out. Think about your day, your life, and what you have learned and what you want to change. Its a good way to de-clutter your life. Do that for yourself, your growth, your development.

“A better you, is a HAPPY you”

Til the next one

Live in light and love ❤


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