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Naledi- “Voices” (Fashion)


Hello Loves,

Feels so great to feature on a blog! Yay Me!

I think one of my favourite things about fashion is that you get to become whoever you want to be that day! I’ve always loved getting dressed up and going out but I always used to restrict it for certain events or certain night outs with the girls.

It was only in university I began to realise how much I just enjoy dressing up and looking my best, and it’s not really for anyone, but its more for myself and just loving the idea of waking up and looking my absolute best as a way to begin my day.

I had this conversation with my sister once about certain women being able to wear certain types of clothes because of their body size, or how society and media has managed to victimize women who are bigger and curvier in size by praising the women who are smaller and making clothes that suit them.

Personally, I think the change begins with you, once you start loving yourself, you can look absolutely great in anything. I’m not the smallest girl around, I have curves and that still does not prohibit me from wearing whatever I feel like wearing. Which brings me to the title of this piece. Any woman can dress however they wand – they can be sassy or classy.

My obsession when it comes to fashion is shoes and bags. You can never go wrong with the right pair of shoes and a cute bag as an accessory.

Outfit - Givenchy bag

My new found favourites are my recent buy which is my brown heels with tassels that I got from Castelo and my absolute favourite, my “So Kate” Louboutins. These heels are an idea of how any women can go from sassy to classy. They are both timeless and are a great little accessory to have in your wardrobe for a night out, or even a day out.

Louboutins Blog picture

Will post some outfits of how you can wear them with your cute clothes!



Ledi ❤

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Until her next one….

Live in Light and Love ❤

N. and K.

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