“Voices”- Rosetta #Street Portraits

#Street Portraits

Rosetta- “Voices” #Photography


Hey There, My Name is Rosetta Msimango, I am a journalism student, I began photography 9months ago and ever since being introduced to it, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of taking pictures.

Why Photography? I find it beautiful that you can say so much with just a picture, Photography tells people stories from different backgrounds and that’s what excites me about it, I am able to capture moments/memories and I get to keep them forever.

It gives you a whole new perspective on life and how you see the whole around you, you suddenly notice the little things, and everything around you becomes just that different.

Street Portaits

This is a series of Images I took of people I encountered each day on way to school or going back home, others made an impact in my life while others just became a good memory.


What’s the most important lesson you learned from life? “Do you, there’s really only one person who can make you happy and that’s yourself” Zinhle Mlangeni from Lenasia South.


I remember the first time I met this fella he refused to tell me his name because he had known that I’ve worked with his father at the Star Newspaper, and he didn’t want to seem like he was following his father’s footsteps.  I’m really honoured to be given a chance to work with him in his projects. Met Andile Ngwenya a photo journalist at the market photo workshop.


Adien Dube from Berea 67 Court insisted that I take a picture of him there was no refusing, he had me on lock down.


I watched as he played me one of his instruments, he played with passion it was like he was one with his harmonica. Why do you love music? “I love music because I can’t see life without it. It’s a universal language that everyone can understand. Music is my friend even though sometimes it can be my worst enemy” Taelo Motholo Aka Infinitive Tongue is a member of Studio Waste Production.


Kabelo Maziya, a Journalism student at Rosebank College she’s fascinated about the idea of having to take pictures as well as being in front of the camera. Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


Seeing these two playing around with tyres reminded me of myself when I was younger how I use to run around pushing tyres down the road. One of those fun shots at Mzamo, east of Johannesburg.


With a hectic and  dangerous job he has to go back to Reon still had the time to pose and allowed me the opportunity to photograph him. Braamfontein Juta Street, Johannesburg.


What do you fear? “For some time now I thought I feared death, One day though I realized it wasn’t about the end, the dark, or the nothing.  What got me was the helplessness. I’m afraid of feeling helpless. That Fear of having no control devastates me” Lele. Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


It’s not every day where you find an elderly woman full of energy and stamina come up to you just to have one of those random conversations, after a crazy depressing day MaFlorence managed to cheer me up with her stories I couldn’t resist but want to take a picture of the woman who had made my day. Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

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Until her next one.

Live in Light and Love ❤

R, and K.

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