“Voices”- Centaine #JourneyToMauritius

Centi 1

 So here we go .. my name is Centaine and I am the face behind the lens of Photo Centz Photography!

My love for photography started when I was a teen and my grandfather gave me my first little point and shoot at our family game farm near the Kruger National Park. Throughout my youth I have always enjoyed snapping away and documenting moments in time that can be remembered for years to come, and my career has grown as a professional photographer over the past 4 or so years.

This is my life, through the lens of my camera!

My Journey to Mauritius: Part one – Reunion Island

Centi 2

Starring out at the expanse of the ocean whilst sitting on the deck of my cabin often gave me a sens
e of peace.  Looking out at a view like this makes made me appreciate my surroundings and the privilege that I had to be able to enjoy such a serene scene of tranquility.

Centi 3

Reunion Island

 – life – character – history – a story within a story.

Let the discoveries begin!


Centi 5 Centi 4

These mosaic walls had us all a bit confused at first as when you looked at them with the naked eye; it wasn’t very clear as to what the pictures were. However, once I looked through the lens of my camera the design in front of me became very clear. 

Centi 6 Centi 7 Centi 8

Exploring, meeting new people, tasting new flavours, taking in all my surroundings and seeing where my feet Take in every opportunity to make the most of the time you have.

This was a photographic journey I will never forget. and eyes would take me on an adventure through the streets of Reunion. 

Centi 9 centi 10

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2 thoughts on ““Voices”- Centaine #JourneyToMauritius

    1. Hi Candice! This is a post written by one of my good friends on a segment called “Voices” on my blog! Do check it out… I’ve been to Mauritius too, it is a BEAUTIFUL place! Pristine beaches and so much culture and diversity 🙂 Thanks for popping in!


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