“Voices” – TK #The Need

Tk – ‘Voices”

#The Need

11821272_1444859065823625_1289007977_n Knock knock, as I come in and reintroduce myself. My name is T.K and I love words, I enjoy writing and not specifically about me. My words move me, my words define a lot of things that I see in my head. I question a lot and I never find answers without putting pen to paper. I’m down to earth, I write what I like and most importantly I freestyle my work. Been doing this for a very long time and each time it still feels like I’m just starting. Most of my work will leave you questioning and thinking deep.

I’m happy to be here sharing with you how my brain functions.

#WordsInMotion #MyWordsAreSpoken

thoughts-locked-mike-agliolo (1)


He sat there gazing

His heart was empty

His mind was playing tricks on him

He looked dead

One could see through the hurt

The hunger for better

The void that needed to be filled with meaning

He has a need to speak

The need to explode and define

He felt like running away

But the walls were too close for that to happen

He fought in a cold war

Where white flags did not exist

The need to get out of the war

Let it be known that people can see

His mind still didn’t let him be

While his heart was pounding against his chest

The need he had, had him bruising

This hurt could not be defined

He’s the only one that could feel this

Words failed him

Actions exposed him

He is left mentally naked

As he wonders off between the pain and the need

What could set him free?

The power he thought he had vanished

Look at him

Look at how hollow he seems

The hurt has ripped him apart

Anyone can see through him

Though he tries to keep it together

The weight is more than he can handle

He is not a runner

Though he is short tempered

He still decided to sit there and gaze

The war is far from over

But he has no ammunition left to stand firm

The need is too much to bare

His feet are cold

But his body is burning with the desire to stand up

This is sad

Sad from close and even far

The need the man has is not written on the walls

There is no manual he could read

There is just blankness

There is no light

There is no hope

In his eyes all he could see is defeat

He tried to stay strong

But the world he’s in is not fair

They say time tells while it heals

Well he has non in sight

The need has left him not believing in a lot

The blood flowing inside him is not the same

A cold war is fought in vain

The pain is too much for him

Look at him

Look at how he is seeking for that need

The need to smile

The need to be excited

The need to see the world he chose in a different light

The harder the thought

The harder the reality


The need

The need.

To get hold of TK, or read more on his pieces, his social media is

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Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤

TK. and K.

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