“Voices”- RuTendo Denise #1738

Voices- RuTendo Denise (1)

Rutendo Denise


According to RuTendo, she is random,shy, sentimental and attentive. Addicted to hugs , music and random adventures, she made national history by becoming the first plus size model to grace a fashion week runway gracing Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swahili Fashion Weeks respectively. A social media success story, she was awarded the auspicious Junior Chamber International award for as one of the outstanding ten young persons in Zimbabwe for personal achievement in 2011. RuTendo has managed to harness social media to develop her poetry and spoken word which has seen her work and collaborate with creatives across Africa.

RuTendo introduces #1738 an #RWrites exclusive to Gentle Orchid where she will be guest blogging sharing her poetry. Why #1738? Well… Her and her friend Mantsane are low key obsessed with the way Fetty Wap says 1738 and they use that phrase in literally almost anything and everything… She randomly took a picture at… Wait for it 17.38 and thought it would be pretty dope to take photos at random at 17.38 then write a poem which reflects her thoughts and conversations at that time #RWrites #RCollaborates #AfricanVoices #ShareYourStory #UnapologeticallyZIMBABWEAN #1738

Ruti 1738

Jacarandas & Sunsets


A meandering conversation left me feeling antsy, confused, and exposed and all forms of upset…

But still that couldn’t take away the beauty around me of jacarandas & sunsets.

What, he, she, they, them thought when my body they explored led to years of suppressed emotions which a meandering conversation forced me to no longer ignore…

Mind blown. Heart cracked. Soul aching and kinda sore.

Jacarandas & Sunsets effortlessly beautiful as I reflect, mourn and scorn at a secret and secrets which robbed me of my innonce….

It’s harder to swallow when the ones you trust and let your guard down for “treat” you for a taste of your innocence…

The longer I reflect the louder my conflict is inside… It’s a tad much too fully comprehend that back then, on strawberry swings a part of me woke up and died.

Jacarandas & Sunsets, a reflection of God’s greater glory…

And now a permanent reminder of how a meandering conversation revealed to me the enormity of my story.


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Check her out on: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

Until her next one…

Live in Light and Love

K. & .R.

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