Guest Bloggers to join Gentleorchid in new segment: “Voices”

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I’m back again! And as discussed in a previous blog about bloggers, I spoke about how Gentleorchid will be getting some guest bloggers to do some segments for If you want to see more of what I meant in that blog, click here.



This new segment will be called “Voices” purely because I wanted to speak to more people by having the voices of others on my blog. The segment will be broken down into different categories which will be handled by different people.

Before I get into who these people are, the categories will be:

  • Fashion Trends
  • Makeup (product reviews)
  • Inspirational/Motivational
  • Photography
  • Artistry (Poetry)

light bulb

The primary reason behind this segment, is that it ties in not only a fresh revamp to the blog, but, more importantly, brings the voices, perceptions, eyes from other people other than myself.

The beauty of this is, it brings together people, from all walks of life, AFRICAN, that have similiar ideas, thoughts processes, styles, but more importantly, showcases the passion coming from what they have to say.

Makeup 2 fashion photographer poetry



Picture this: a new segment, every other week, written by someone other than myself.. But, showcases voices of other people, ideas, perceptions… etc.

The People Behind the Segments…

  • Fashion

Naledi 3She happens to be my younger sister, hahaha, yes, but she also has a great eye for clothes, shoes, makeup and handbags… She’s addicted I can safely say! 🙂

Her name is Naledi.

She will be covering the fashion and the makeup segments.

If you want to see more of her outfits, posts and such you can catch her here:

Facebook     Twitter    Instagram 
Busi 2Another fashionista I gush over at times is a good friend of mine, who knows how to switch outfits and suit them really well for any and each occasion. Be it work, events, church, anything.

She will also be writing some of the fashion inspired blog posts.Her name is Refiloe.

You can catch her here: Facebook 

  • Inspirational and Motivational 

dimpho 1

This is Dimpho. A very good friend of mine from Botswana. We met while back, in university together, even though that was years ago, we still remain good friends to this day.

She is often one of the few people I go to when I need good advise, or to hear something uplifting and reassuring.

She will be covering some inspirational blog posts for this blog.

Catch her here: Facebook
Sabie 2 Another good friend of mine that gives great advice and has a strong opinion on certain subjects, and I often learn a lot from, is Masabata.

She will also be covering some posts for this segment of the blog.

You can catch her here: Facebook

  • Photography

centaineCentaine is a good friend from high school… She has a great eye for photography and I’m often amazed at the images she takes. Along with her photography company and website:


she does great work.

She will be taking us on a journey through her camera lens as we get to see things through HER perspective. 🙂

RosettaAnother great photographer, whose photos have graced some of our national newspapers, is Rosetta.

A good family friend, with a great personality, she has a super fine eye behind the lens. She recently took some images for an event we had at home, and takes Naledi’s fashion outfit pictures at times, and she NEVER disappoints.

She will be another contributor to the photography aspect of “The Voices”.

Catch her here: Facebook

  • Artistry (Poetry)

This is one of my favourite segments, as I write myself, but these two people have powerful words they don’t mind sharing..! The excitement is REAL!

Rutendo Denise RuTendo DenNise, is one of my good friends from Zimbabwe. We also went to University together where we were introduced by a mutual friend, and where we discovered our mutual love for poetry!

If she isn’t Towering the runways of Zimbabwe, Zambia fashion week, she’s writing beautiful magic…

She will be contributing to the Poetry segment of “The Voices”

Catch Ruti here: Facebook  Twitter

11821272_1444859065823625_1289007977_n This man here, we grew up sharing some of our poetry pieces… In fact I think my love for poetry may have something to do with him. He freestyles it, he takes his time and creates masterpiece work

This is Tokelo. He will be giving us poetry from a male perspective. He will also be contributing to the poetry segment of The Voices.

You can find him here:

Facebook   Twitter  Blogspot

These smart and very talented people will be providing different elements and more importantly an African perspective to the to the segment “The Voices” and if all goes well, you will get to see them feature on my blog for quite some time to come.

A post from each segment will be released once every 2-3 weeks and of course many media links and alerts on social media will be released with every blog post published.

I will still be posting up blog posts 2-3 on a weekly basis, as well as the scheduled ones (kodak moments, food cafe, beauty basics, etc).

Show them some love..! Leave comments, check their social media out!

and lets get “Voices” started!!! 🙂

Til then…

Live in Light and Love ❤


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